Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 29, 2009

Playing Statues

The beginning stages of writing – and the re-beginnings, when I spin around somewhere in the middle – involve a lot of thoughts starting with: “What if?”, a lot of other questions, and sketching of possible roads. Should I do this – or the polar opposite?

I met with my writing group the other night, and I felt spun around. Reminding me of the game I used to play as a kid in summer: friends twirl you, let go of your hand, and at some point yell, “Freeze!” What statue are you now? The questions of my writer friends were tossed into the center of Bruce’s living room. What if he… what if she…. My mind spun, but when I sorted through my notes the next day, certain roads stood out clearly as better routes. Sadly, they weren’t the routes I’d been on, but less sadly, they looked pretty good.

I’m not starting exactly all over. The time and place is the same, and some of the plot. But the insides of key people have changed. And I was reminded that sometimes a shake-up can happen in my head, but brainstorming can also happen with a small trusted group. I loved their flurry of questions, reminding me that I can make just about anything happen on the page. And to consider all the possibilities with some dizziness and woe, but some excitement, too.



  1. “reminding me that I can make just about anything happen on the page”
    As opposed to sitting at our desks, alone, just stewing in worry that we can’t. 🙂
    Glad to see you blogging again! Love your writing thoughts.

  2. Great analogy. And no, you’re not starting over, you’re starting again. How fortunate, to have insightful companions to help us on our journey.
    Onward! 🙂

  3. Stewing is not a good thing. At least for people. Letting ideas stew in a computer, that can work.
    good thoughts for your writing without pulling out hair, Becky!

  4. Thanks for the positive thoughts and waggy tailed dalmations!

  5. I know it’s dizzying to get all that input, but it’s brave of you to open yourself up to deep questioning. Wishing you steadiness and hope!

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