Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 28, 2009

The Miles Between: Stopping at Cup and Top

Truly there are joys to getting older. Following the adventures of my daughter as a young woman, and smaller things, too: I recently told someone, speaking of Star Wars, about the little boy who wielded his light saber over my wedding cake. I’m so happy and proud to have seen him grow from a Star Wars crazy boy to a Star Wars crazy young man, who teaches high school history, and recently married another teacher. ( no light sabers at their slightly fancier wedding)

But. Aging. I’m lucky to have good health, and yesterday at an eye exam was told things looked pretty good, but there was .. something…which was fine… but might turn into something sometime.

“If you start seeing things arc and wobble, let me know,” the doctor said.

Um, yeah, I’ll do that.

Anyway, letting the vile-yellow drops settle, I walked over to the lovely Cup and Top and let Mary’s ARC relax while I scribbled notes. I wish I could say the scribbling was due to the eye drops, but I’m afraid it’s everyday.

This Florence, Mass. coffee shop has a menu with sandwiches named after local old mills, and, in the back, a small slide, blocks, and play area for kids. As I wrote, I overheard:

Go play. Don’t run into anything.

No no no! On your bottom.

Well, Theodore, that’s it.

And at last: Good job, buddy.

I left the shop after that happy ending.

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below if you’d like to take Mary’s ARC out for coffee or show it around your town. There’s another day before I pick the name of a lucky winner from a hat!



  1. Gotta love those yellow eyedrops. Gotta love fun sandwiches more.
    (No need to put me in the drawing. I finally won one.)

  2. Arc and wobble? Oh, dear. Yeah, I think you’d mention that one!
    I like the “Theodore, that’s it.” Makes me think of The Chipmunks. 🙂

  3. Yes, I can go for the Button Factory sandwich. My daughter complained that every year they’d hear about the Button Factory as the heiress contributed to her school.. but I love the idea of buttons after buttons…
    I’m so glad you won a chance to read an ARC! I’ll look forward to a glimpse of your hometown!

  4. On one hand I’d complain about doctors who crack jokes, but on the other, to hear a line said like that so deadpan…. well, she was young. I suppose she thinks after a certain point everything wobbles, and there’s some truth, but I do want the sentences on my computer to follow a straight line and the pets, etc, not to be bobbing.
    okay, I’m going to let that little remark go now…. and enjoy my not spinning vision.

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