Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 30, 2009

Writing Retreat: Last Day!

The sun is trying to come out, over Lake Champlain and a friendly little island that’s been good company. After thirty days in gray Massachusetts, even sun-sightings through clouds are enough. We’ve got sun, we’ve got the lake, and we’ve got coffee that Kara and Debbie drove out to fetch when there was a glitch with breakfast. “We were just missing one element,” Kara said, and she fixed it.

Our days will be foreshortened by long drives, but I think those south-bound cars will be filled with happiness and accomplishment. For me it won’t be the staggering fourteen chapters, I think it was, someone mentioned last night, but then my hopes re word count and chapter count are always more modest: I know myself and my limits. We didn’t have a lot of rituals on this retreat, but a lovely one last night was sitting on the porch before dinner and everyone saying what they did that day. And if we did well, Marjorie adorned us with a lei. And we all got one.

MJ said that her husband asked her how writing here would be different from writing at home. She shrugged and said, “If you have to ask…” Many found that working along with others made them want to work harder and better.

Okay, the sun is already less tentative. I’m seeing sparkles on the lake. And I’m determined to revise a chapter before I get back in my car. Tomorrow I’ll try to post a few pictures.



  1. Sounds heavenly! Wishing you good luck with that chapter, and safe travels.

  2. I’m glad to hear you all got lei’ed. (hee)
    When it comes to being on retreat, I’ve found that having others there working made me take the working time far more seriously. Somehow, all the participants were setting a good example for everyone else, and I always wanted to hold up my end of that bargain. Glad you found the same sort of thing.
    Safe travels!

  3. Thank you for the wishes. The chapter got down, though with every edge of almost every sentence frayed, and travel was safe, if unpleasant, through downpours.
    I hope you found some word-kindling!

  4. Hope to put on my own turquoise lei today. We’ll have to keep that working company in our minds: cli-cla-click….

  5. Safe drive. Hold the inspiration within! Hope to see you soon.

  6. Oh, goody! We get pictures. I love writing retreats. Wherever. Whenever. Hope you came home renewed and refreshed and many words lighter (having gone from your mind to the paper).

  7. Yes, feeling refreshed, and glad for the words that got on paper — as well as the ones I took off. Have a happy weekend, Jill!

  8. “If you have to ask…” Love it! 🙂
    Sounds absolutely wonderful. Rejuvenating.

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