Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 29, 2009

Where I Am

The porch is a little too chilly. The yellow iris is crunched up, no longer stalwart, but limp from a few days of rain. It’s too late in the day for hummingbirds, so the columbine look lonely. The dogs are barking at who-knows-what.

But the evening is actually warmer than the morning, and I’m out here with my laptop working my way through chapter four. Yesterday was full of pushing, but today there are some moments that feel magic. Words get shoved and shoved like a sled uphill, but now: we’re ready to ride.

Not the whole chapter. There’s a lot more climbing and pushing to do.

But I can remember how it feels to have wind over my back. Catching my breath.

And feeling like I’m getting a free ride, forgetting what came before.



  1. Whhoooshhh!
    (That’s me, trying to give you an extra push for an extra-long coast over that hill.)

  2. Seems like a lot of people are talking about this around the blogs this week. Giving me hope! 🙂

  3. Enjoy the ride! It’s worth the uphill climb…

  4. And I’m right behind her pushing too.

  5. Thank you! That pushed helped so much!
    I don’t know where the sled metaphor came from, but…
    I’ve been thinking of you and was so glad to hear from you.

  6. That extra push really really helped! I feel most lucky!

  7. plod plod plod plod plod…. and then, yes, something happens!

  8. You’re right. Even the trudging uphill has its moments — of feeling a tad virtuous if nothing else, or the trust that I’m getting… somewhere.

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