Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 27, 2009

A May Day in Boston

It was lovely having my daughter around for a while, then bittersweet spending a day in Boston before she boarded the plane back to L.A, where she has an internship for the summer. We wandered about while I tried not to point out the perfectly great colleges in the city, which was on its best spring behavior. Here are the swan boats, the McCloskey ducks, and an ice cream truck which pays tribute to them, parked on a corner of the Public Gardens.

You’ve got to love a museum you can visit free if your name is Isabella! Emily was especially glad to see a famous portrait of Henry the Eighth’s daughter, Mary holding one rather sad rose.

Emily in front of Trinity Church.

You can spin around and see the Boston Public Library, the first public library, so they say, in the U.S.

(p.s. apologies for initially saying the portrait was one of Henry’s many wives, and thanks to my daughter for pointing out the mistake without pointing out my ignorance. Just the kind of editor I love!)



  1. I love this post.
    I love these pictures!
    I love those ducks!
    Thank you!

  2. Quacking good post! Thanks :).

  3. Thank YOU, Meg. I’m glad you can get a glimpse of my darling, as since you live near her, I secretly (well, not so secret now!) think of you as a mom-angel who guards over her. I know your Sam will have those kind of angels around him soon, too. They’re a comfort.

  4. OH!
    I NEED to get back to Boston… ‘been too long!

  5. Those are all great photos. Make Way for Duckings!
    Sorry you had to bite your mama tongue so as not to beg your daughter to attend a local college.

  6. Glad you had some time with your sweetie. But isn’t it so hard to say goodbye again. I just saw mine off, and with trips and summer school I don’t know when I’ll see her next. And I have nothing to complain about since she lives only two hours south.
    Love the photos. It made me realize I’ve only been to Boston once, and didn’t really get to poke around the city. Some day…

  7. Every single time I see those ducks, I smile.

  8. Re: OH!
    The mood was low with the Red Sox fans, but otherwise, great day.

  9. I had an early walk through the park to fetch coffee and muffins — one of the few times no kids, or grownups, were crawling over the ducks.
    My mama tongue has so many teeth marks in it. And even so… I probably say too much.

  10. Yes, saying goodbye is no fun. The world is a little too quiet afterwards, no matter how many miles between.
    I do love Boston! And we have some nice memories of being there.

  11. You didn’t post Fenway park…
    …but other great places to be, so, that’s a non-issue for me at the moment!

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, and one of the best we’ll have for a few to be in the city. It’s raining on my skylight as I type.

  13. Yes, it’s raining on the irises here! A little too damp and chilly for the porch, I’m sad to say. But the pansies I put in look happy with the weather.

  14. What a happy sounding post after such a rough time. You needed this.

  15. Looks like you had a beautiful day for exploring Boston. It must have been difficult to see your daughter leave, but joyful knowing she’s on her way to learn and follow her dreams.
    I hope you have a chance to visit her in California!

  16. What a beautiful day. I always picture Boston as crowded and chaotic, and this looks just the opposite. Glad you had this day before Emily takes off to Cal again!

  17. We were lucky with the blue skies and not too crowded museum! (I just wish they allowed pictures inside!)

  18. I do miss her, but, yes, at least she’s living where it’s nice to visit. Just not so handy re popping together to see a movie or something. We watch in separate theaters then communicate!

  19. Thanks, Becky — I’m missing my girl.
    Boston can be crowded and chaotic. Driving is not much fun. But the Public Gardens, especially fairly early in the morning, can be a haven. I’m not sure I’d ever been there when no one was scaling the ducks, so had to take a picture. Though it’s really more fun when kids are milling around there. It’s like the beach, without bugs or too much sun: you have to smile.

  20. Mama tongue with teeth marks in it.
    Yep, got that here, too.

  21. So glad you got to spend time with your daughter. And that you had a good, if bittersweet, day in Boston.
    (And I agree with Emily — the Gardner’s Mary portrait really is something. A determined woman, if there ever was one.)

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