Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 22, 2009

Things get worse. And things get better.

So after the a/c guy leaves, and I’m all ready to feel like the peaceful homemaker/writer or something, I go to the cellar where water is trickling down a wall and into boxes of Christmas ornaments.

I call Cory, who comes back and determines the leak is from the outdoor hose he used to wash the unit. He was very glad the leak wasn’t his fault, which I can understand. I called the plumber who called back and assured me there would be no more damage now that the hose is off, and he’d come next week.

Then Frank said he was recently at my in-laws, where my father-in-law told him, “Whenever I’m feeling a little down, I go into the basement and look at the good job you did there.”

Okay, it was a bad day what with waiting and mopping and random grief, but the thought of my father-in-law contemplating excellent pipe work in the basement and feeling cheerful, that cheered me up, too



  1. After having a major leak in our laundry room, and now having a mystery leak in the hallway (help!) I so understand your FIL’s glee at seeing good plumbing in place!

  2. I’m sorry it was a tough day. But thanks for sharing the image of your f-i-l taking heart from good pipework. It makes me smile, too.
    Hope the lady’s slippers bloom for you soon!

  3. I like the idea of him admiring the pipework, but think the lady slippers work better for me. I haven’t found one yet, but I looked — and did find quite a lovely spotted rock. I will find those flowers. Somewhere.
    Sending you good thoughts, Amy. And crossed fingers.

  4. Oh boy….when they say it rains, it pours, well, you don’t need this right now.

  5. Enough with the leaks, already!
    Hope your weekend is instead filled with the calm companionship of your manuscript; hope it wends its way to calm appreciating hands!

  6. Love your hugs, Susan!
    BTW, I agree with Jama about your father poem, as the start of a verse novel.

  7. Thanks, Jeannine.
    I need to find some poetry classes to take because I have about 10 versions of that poem, all written Friday night, while I tried to figure out line breaks. I don’t get line breaks.

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