Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 21, 2009

Being Carefree (ish)

Oh, it’s thankful Thursday, and I’m sitting on the porch watching hummingbirds loiter in their busy-winged way around the honeysuckle, the sluggish cat curled nearby, and a smelly dog near my feet. My walking friend Mary bought a shirt last weekend that was down a size from her usual, and she is feeling determined and fit, fit, fit. Yesterday she made me walk both morning and afternoon.

I’ve found my novel waiting for me after a few weeks when I could mostly just write in my journal, clearing out my head, and I’m grateful the novel is there, that it waited, and doesn’t look tired to me now.

I’m grateful for my patient and understanding friends, too. Sending cheerful and understanding messages here and through the mail: offers to talk or listen or eat eclairs. I’m grateful for my daughter and movies and a pedicure before she returns to her more glamorous, if sadly dog-less, domain. I’m grateful to my husband for sticking around and feeding me blackberries.

I’m happy to hear about the books of friends coming out, and read a great interview with Jo Knowles jbknowles about writing for smart teens that you should read, too. Follow the link to and you can write a note about when you last felt carefree, and win a chance to win Jo’s first novel and an arc of her next one, due out soon. Thank you, Vivian, and Candlewick Press for offering the prizes!



  1. Are you sure you’re not writing YA? Every time I pick my son up from school and ask how the day was, he says, “Ish.” 🙂
    I hope you are getting some of those carefree-ish moments these days. At least a lightening of feelings, maybe.

  2. So much to imagine here, pictures in my head. But…the most enduring images are:
    the smelly dog
    your husband feeding you blackberries.
    Both sound very comforting.

  3. Ish. Is very useful. Also, one of my husband’s nicknames for our daughter. Too ancient to remember its origin story!
    Yes, when I first read that contest, carefree sounded foreign. But I’m starting to remember, in that ish-y way at least. Summer is starting to come this way.

  4. Yes, love the smelly dog and much better smelling husband.
    And the porch makes the faintly swampish aroma better.

  5. Ish is a good step. And blackberries are even better — as are husbands who feed them to you. I’m very glad you’re getting some good moments like that to savor.

  6. Thanks, Amy. And I’m going to see if I can track down some lady slippers this weekend. I think it’s a bit early here, but there’s a sanctuary nearby called High Ledges with dozens of them in pink, yellow, and mauve.

  7. I’m glad you’re back at work. And covetous of your blackberries.

  8. I’m glad you have loitering hummingbirds and a blackberry-feeding husband around. Hugs to you, Jeannine.

  9. Blackberries are worth coveting. Hope some appear in your life soon, Kelly.

  10. Thanks, Lorraine. Hugs back.

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