Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 13, 2009

What you Fear and What You Find

I slipped on my orange vest, since it’s turkey hunting season, and took my big dog into the woods near my house. Walking along, spotting violets and May flowers and ferns, I heard Parker bark madly. Up an ante from the usual squirrel chasing cry. Up quite a bit. Then I heard scratching, or was it flapping? Could it be a turkey cornered? Parker has come across turkeys, and enjoyed a chase, but never barked like this. Had he found a hunter?

“Hello!” I called, not loving the uncertainty in my voice. “Hello!”

No answer. I moved further up the hill, then saw two round black faces with big staring eyes.

Oh hello, little bears.

I turned swiftly, called Parker, and walked away fast, wondering if a mother bear was watching, and knew we meant no harm.

Today I made myself go back, with my faithful dog. No barking. Apparently the bears had moved to another part of the woods. It was just us and the mayflowers and violets and ferns, and the swamp where my dog dived in and got smelly, just the way he likes.



  1. Whew!!! Bears probably can’t recognize orange, can they?! Did you feel like Sal in Blueberries for…or did you just want to get out of there?!

  2. What an adventure. I love spring in the woods but it is long gone down here in North Florida. I have bee trying to get our local wildflowers to move into the yard-ish space in the woods around our house, and this year I have quite a few. Earlier there were dogwoods and violets and redbuds and azaleas.
    I’ve seen two foxes lately, but never a bear. I would have been scared!
    Once when I was kayaking on our river, I saw turkeys roosting 40 feet up in a tree. I could not believe it. When they took off it sounded like a bunch of venetian blinds clacking. Loud flying! What a concept.

  3. aww bears!

  4. My mom came across a baby bear on the mountain behind her house a few years ago. She, too, was quick to call the dog and turn around.
    Glad you’re safe!

  5. I did channel Sal a bit, but also, I did want to get out there: no dilly-dallying, but not quite panic either. It was clear the bears didn’t want to meet us any more than we wanted to get closer to them.

  6. Yes, foxes really would be enough wildlife for me.
    And I’ve heard those turkeys! But didn’t think of venetian blinds: yes!

  7. kind of cute… kind of … scary. I’m glad Parker has the sense not to mess with them.

  8. Yes, I bought a whistle at a sporting goods store a few years ago, to scare off bears, but the guy was like, um, there are no guarantees you know. I’m glad your mom had a dog with her, too. I think even if the dogs don’t want to wrangle, which my dog definitely does not, the bears have some respect.I hope.

  9. Whew! I’m glad you got to see them, and glad you didn’t meet Momma Bear.

  10. ..and I’m so jealous…
    one of the things on my “bucket” list is to see bears that aren’t in a zoo!
    Our son has a trip planned for us in late August, so his Momma might scratch this off of her list!
    One of my other “wishes” is to ride a horse through a big field with my hair blowing in the breeze behind me…daughter gave me riding lessons for my birthday. You’ve seen my hair…not much to flow. Cindy Lord said I’ll have to wear a wig. She knows I have red halloween wigs from last year!!! Of course, I have to get up on the horse first!
    Life is an adventure, huh!

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