Posted by: jeannineatkins | April 28, 2009

A Mom’s Vicarious Thrills

The summer after my daughter graduated from high school, she did an internship at the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum Nora Maroulis and Rebecca Goggins taught her a lot about their fields in the development office, and they’ve generously continued to reach out to Emily as friends and mentors. When an eightieth birthday celebration was planned for Eric Carle at Every Picture Tells a Story, an LA area gallery that features picture book art. Rebecca, knowing Emily now lived nearby, asked her to help out at the party. Of course she was thrilled. Here’s a picture of Rebecca and Emily.

And, especially for Jama jamarattigan who keeps reminding us that April is not only poetry month, but cake month, here’s how one beloved children’s book creator likes to celebrate with caterpillar cupcakes.



  1. What fun for your daughter!
    And I wouldn’t want a cupcake because it would spoil the caterpillar. No, I do because they look SO yummy. No, I don’t. But yes!
    Eric wouldn’t mind, I’m sure.

  2. It’s almost the end of April and now you’re telling me it’s Cake Month?! Sheesh, how am I going to make up for all that lost time?
    (That was very cool for your daughter.)

  3. oh the dilemmas of attractive desserts!

  4. cupcakes today, Tracy! All you can eat!

  5. I’m going to print out this directive and use it as a prescription! Thanks!

  6. Sounds like delicious fun!
    How ’bout you start at the front, and I’ll begin at the tail. We’ll meet somewhere in the middle of that caterpillar… 🙂

  7. I love that caterpillar! It should be at every kindergarten party. Did your daughter get to MEET Eric Carle?!

  8. I keep meaning to take the kids to the Eric Carle museum. Your daughter must’ve had so much fun there!

  9. Emily looks so happy — and gorgeous, as always! And the caterpillar looks absolutely scrumptious. I wonder if I could do a miniature version for Sweetpea??? In honor of cake month, of course. (Well… with all I’ve got on my plate, probably not. But what fun it would be!)

  10. Yeah, green cupcakes!
    And yes lucky Emily got to meet the genial and so talented Eric Carle!

  11. Yes, it was a great place to work. The only problem is you hope her first internship isn’t going to be the best! Fabulous people, fabulous place.
    Vivian, let me know if you get out here. I’d love to meet up with you if you manage to get out. The apple trees outside the museum will soon blossom; peak season, but always gorgeous.

  12. Emily did have a good time, standing at the door with clipboard, letting people into a happy and beautiful place: pretty much her idea of dream job.
    Cupcakes and caterpillars — sounds like a perfect third birthday party. Unless you go the princess cake route, which you won’t be surprised to find was Em’s choice. Then again, when she turned 16, asked for just one more cake with a doll in the middle of a big well-frosted ball gown.

  13. So sweet that she did that at 16!
    I made a cat cake for the last birthday, which was a big hit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the next request is for a princess (maybe a cat princess?).

  14. What fun for her!
    And wow–look at that caterpillar cupcake extravaganza!

  15. What a fortunate (and beautiful) girl!

  16. I didn’t know about cake month. We’ll celebrate today with brownies. Kelly’s baking them. Yummy!

  17. those cupcakes are making me hungry…

  18. absolutely.

  19. yes, poetry is great, but can one live on it alone? Bring on the cake! (for all I know, it’s just Jama who declared it cake month. But why not? Enjoy the brownies!)

  20. How did I miss this!!??
    Your Emily is so beautiful (is she named after the other Emily?).
    Love the caterpillar cupcake extravaganza! Green’s my favorite color, too. And how lucky for Emily to have met Eric Carle and interned at the museum. 🙂

  21. Emily wasn’t exactly named after the poet, but there is some sense of homage.
    And, yes, green is a good color for cake!

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