Posted by: jeannineatkins | April 12, 2009

Easter Greetings

My sister came by yesterday with her third eldest, Maggie, who’s looking at colleges. I hope she chooses one near here! Re Margaret’s license plate, she actually is a professional critic, not, you know, the backseat driver type, writing book, movie, music reviews etc.

Then this morning in church we celebrated things of earth and sky, with a bit too much emphasis on sky for my taste. Oh well, what’s church without interior quibbles? Favorite hymn phrase: things seen and unseen. And my brother in law caught me writing on the program, and asked: were you inspired?

Then back home to cook, set out, and collect enormous salads and way too much by way of dessert from friends and family. Here we are afterward with the big dog sprawled across my daughter and me and if you look very hard, even the cat choose to come out of hiding and peek from a top left stair. Loved ones not at the table were brought forth by my father-in-law’s grace.

Cat closeup:

And on the table, triceratops and bunnies coexist peacefully.



  1. Ah! So good to have a big wonderful family! I’m happy for you.

  2. What a good lookin’ bunch of folks! Thanks for sharing your lovely day :).

  3. You’ve packed so many poignant and funny moments/memories into this one post. Very nice. Glad you had a good weekend filled with so much love.

  4. Good eyes, Jen! I didn’t even see the cat up there. It’s funny how he’s peeking out. — Pete

  5. Thanks, Joyce. We had a lovely day (even without lilacs — yet!)

  6. You’re so full of cheer, Jama! Thank you! I did NOT take a picture of my cut-out cookies that should have been all festive dragonflies, bunnies, butterflies — in fact I told my sister to tell me STOP if I ever again attempt cut-out cookies, though people were kind…

  7. Thanks, Tracy. There were tears, there were laughs, there were way too many cookies…

  8. Looks like a day filled with love and laughter – perfect in my book!

  9. What wonderful photos! Especially the one of the family gathered on the staircase — I can feel the happiness from here!

  10. and this isn’t even the picture taken when the little white dog decided this was the perfect time to run to the door and pee. Generally hilarity, except for me…

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