Posted by: jeannineatkins | March 25, 2009

Blogging and Writing While the Car Oil is Changed

Whoever thought of putting some kind of computer in a car that makes a flame-colored wrench appear on the dashboard when it’s due for service was kind of genius. Especially when I see that scary wrench late at night, I’m pretty ready to call for an appointment. No pretty birds here at Northampton Honda, but they’ve got desks and free wireless to use while my car gets fluids changed. And they offer bicycles customers can borrow if they bring their own helmet. How cool is that? The Schwinns, leaning against the wall, are the first thing you see by the garage door.

Now if I could only get them to turn down the music, not to my taste, I could write as happily here as anywhere. Hoping it will turn to white noise soon….



  1. My husband just tells me the lights don’t matter, and then I “get” to drive around and explain that to my worried passengers. Maybe if I PAINTED a flaming wrench somewhere on the dash…?
    If you’d brought a helmet, you could have used it to ride the bike OR shut out the music. 🙂

  2. How cool! My Honda dealership offers a few private offices with phones for people to use. I didn’t check for WiFi but I’ll do that next time I get my car serviced (when that red wrench lights up)!
    Hope you’re getting lots done!

  3. You made me laugh with that helmet comment. I’ll just have to see when I go over my lines later, if some of Britney Spear’s Circus got into my prose. Hey, maybe it will be the liveliest thing I ever wrote. Or not.

  4. I did get enough done! I was pretty surprised when two hours went by and they came to fetch me. Maybe I should go there more often…

  5. Well, you can go there more often, but i hope you don’t NEED to. May your car be well! 😉

  6. It’s very hard for me to write with someone else’s music playing. Mostly because I don’t like music while I write and also because most public places don’t play my kind of music.

  7. Free wireless and bikes? Sounds like a great place!
    Hope you got some writing done despite the music. Sometimes I ask to turn down the music at restaurants when it’s blaring…though sometimes the waiters will give me a strange look. But I don’t like shouting across the table.

  8. Aaaaahhh, it’s the flaming wrench!
    For some reason, this image made me laugh. 😀

  9. Yes, I generally write in as much silence as a I can find, and this was loud with a strong beat. But I did manage to tune it out once I got going.

  10. No, shouting across tables isn’t fun. My husband hardly ever wants to eat out because of that, and I’ve gotten those strange looks too from young people. My writing group sometimes goes out, and one member almost always to ask to turn down the music, but last time, he asked if they shouldn’t change the track, too. It was motown. We outvoted him. He said, he prefers classical as background. Okay, yes, maybe, but you can’t ask them to change the Supremes.

  11. Wrench: innocent or ominous? I guess I was scared because I knew my husband could have been driving it with that wrench on for months. I really don’t think my voice was that high pitched when I called for the appointment, but the guy assured me the car would not blow up. And it didn’t.

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