Posted by: jeannineatkins | March 19, 2009

Planing a Trip!

My daughter and I have been talking about this for a year, well, maybe three, but just recently booked flights, squeezing out a time when she, her roommate Colleen, and I could visit London. I wish we had more than four days, but the girls’ break from school doesn’t fall with mine, and as it is were things had to get cancelled or changed around. I hoped to fly after teaching on Thursday, but that would have meant going by way of Zurich, and unless I wanted to pay way more, going back even more circuitously, so I’ll leave early the next morning; the girls don’t seem too sad about a bit of time without their escort. It will be Emily’s first trip to Britain and Colleen’s first out of the U.S. Emily likes reading about the Henry the Eighth era: most of those volumes are too thick and bloody for me, but we all look forward to touring the Tower of London, watching for ghosts. A play, some palaces, parks, pubs, and the girls mentioned a Jack the Ripper tour … I may be sipping tea and munching scones somewhere else. Do you think I can find a tea shop with wireless?



  1. I am SOOO jealous! First Italy, now London!! You gals really know how to live it up :). Please tell the Queen I said hello when you have tea with her . . .

  2. What fun!!!!
    Take lots of photos for us!

  3. Wow! How great is that!!!

  4. Yes, fun, fun, fun. But your writing retreat sounds pretty fabulous, too. I hope there’s tons of inspiration.

  5. Oh, yes, the queen. Jama, I’d rather have tea with you. Wish I could carry you along…

  6. I am trying to take advantage that Em still wants to travel with me. And her roommate is sweet, too. I will take photos! Wireless was very hard to find in Rome, but I hope London is better. My Peter really likes to read my blogs when I’m away, and they do tell more than those short phone calls: I’m here; yeah and i’m here. xo Have a great day in the valley! Sorry about the rain!

  7. London?! Lucky you!

  8. Such fun! Have a scone for me, please!

  9. Oh what fun to just jet off to London for a few days. I hope you’ll have a wonderful time.

  10. Yes, with two life-loving twenty-year-olds! I am lucky.

  11. Just one scone, Tracy?

  12. Thanks, Susan!

  13. Um, use your discretion….

  14. So much fun–have a wonderful time!

  15. Ooh – that sounds amazing!!

  16. 4 days? And off you go to London? You jet setter you! Writers know how to live, eh?
    Have a marvelous time, dahlin’!

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