Posted by: jeannineatkins | March 15, 2009

Desperately Seeking Signs of Spring

Sweet Melodye newport2newporthas offered a challenge to post signs of spring, which may be easier for her than here in western Mass. Okay, I’m just a little jealous of her hummingbirds sipping lavender! I did spot a robin three days ago, gone now, and last week as I cross-country skied by, my neighbor reported goats being born. My husband has been hacking ice off the driveway to make a motorcycle path and buckets for maple syrup have been appearing on trees. But March is still pretty early for us to get hopeful about things like a crocus by the house. The best I could come up with was a glimpse of snowmelt where one day we’ll hear the racket of spring peepers, and know the little frogs are serious.

Please visit Melodye for a slam of glorious color! Meanwhile, I’m forcing forsythia and getting a bit of work done inside. What can I say? We’ve still got hot chocolate in the cupboard and thick red candles to burn.



  1. Oooh, that’s such a beautifully inviting sliver of water. I wonder where it leads.
    And there’s something to be said for hot chocolate and candle glow. I’d love to share a fireside conversation with you!

  2. Your spring is beautiful–I love rivers with ice and rocks. Not that I want to LIVE at one, you know.
    I’ll have to think about this. Since the doctor said the virus that has laid son and I low this week as a “spring virus,’ I don’t know that anyone wants to see those pics! 🙂

  3. Yes, I’d love a fireside chat with you — but really, it’s always cozier in December than March! But April and its green will come.

  4. My husband will get a kick out of your reaction. He gets less and less tolerant of the so called four seasons, with winter seeming a bit too long. He did get on the bike path today– and said he only had to push the bike over snow four or five times! He was pretty happy.

  5. That last line sounded cozy and ominous all at the same time. I think it was the thick red candles. What a great line.

  6. That glimpse of meltwater warms my northern heart! Your woods remind me of the ones behind my parents’ house.
    Here in Greater Boston we have crocuses in the sunniest spots, but no peepers yet.

  7. My cousin always mentions those froggy peepers as the first sign on spring….

  8. We saw multitudes of red-tailed hawks all headed north on our trip home from CT today. It may not be hummingbirds, but its definitely a sign of spring, as were the cyclists and runners–and the bikers.

  9. What?!? Aren’t peepers little birdies?
    *sigh* I feel like such a city slicker.

  10. Cozy and ominous, that’s me. Or me in March when there’s snow on the ground. I really do need to burn away that candle.

  11. Crocuses, yay! Those are such hardy spots of color. Green and brown and white is nice, but I look forward to a bit of yellow and purple.

  12. Yes, there might be a mad dash of color, but when the peepers make their racket, you can actually stand outside at night with just maybe a sweater and revel.

  13. I like your mad icon!
    You remembered that baby goats are called kids! The little frogs hatching in ponds make the most amazingly huge noise. Way more than peeps. Lovely company.

  14. I love to see hawks sweep. So I guess my husband wasn’t the only one out biking yesterday — he said he had to push his bicycle over about five humps of snow on the bike path. I’m waiting.

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