Posted by: jeannineatkins | March 10, 2009

Lost and Found

Thank you for all the good wishes and prayers for my friend, Pat. They may be working, evidenced by the good-as-could-be visit my daughter and I had with her on Sunday. We talked and looked at each other and I tried to feed her just a little bit. We watched High School Musical. She was quite taken with the happy ending.

And all the miracley thoughts may be infecting my science loving husband, too. This morning, walking from my bureau, between two dogs, holding clothes to put on, I lost an earring. We stripped the bed, which needed to be changed anyway. We looked around the floor. I was in no mood for obsession, and had an appointment, so chose to let it go and wash my face. Then my husband called to say he found the other earring. It was in my jewelry box.

“I swear I had them both in hand,” I said. “Maybe Pat’s Saint Jude, who she calls on for hard cases, found it and slipped in back. He’s supposed to be working on her.”

“Maybe this was a warm up,” Peter said.

Here’s hoping!



  1. Yes, oh yes: Here’s hoping! And praying.
    I believe in miracles…I think they happen all around us every day, even when we’re not looking.

  2. Peter has the right idea.

  3. Next time, call on St. Anthony (who is the patron saint for lost things): “Dear Saint Anthony, look around, something’s lost that must be found”. Then name the object. If it’s findable, it will turn up.

  4. You have one sweet hubby. Love and hugs to you, and healing thoughts for Pat.

  5. Boy, do I know what you mean by “not in the mood for obsession.” 🙂
    Sending lots of hugs and hope.

  6. You’re so right, Melodye. At the moment I’m just wishing miracles happened a BIT more often. But they are around.

  7. Thanks for the hugs, again. Peter always says if anyone deserves a miracle, it’s Pat.

  8. I have been told this, but Pat insists St. Jude does it for her, so I’ve gone along with that. And he did help us find a camera in our car once after I’d looked many times, so… gotta stick with Jude!

  9. Thanks, Lorraine. He is sweet and so is Pat, so it’s sweetness many times over!

  10. Yeah, sometimes the obsessions take over, but sometimes it’s best to sidestep. Glad this one worked out! Thanks for the hugs and hope.

  11. I like your husband’s thinking. I’m glad the visit went well and you were able to share that time.

  12. Perhaps I will try St. Jude for MY lost camera – St. Anthony has been no help at all.

  13. SO glad your friend is improving.

  14. Thanks for your good thoughts, Jill.

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