Posted by: jeannineatkins | February 20, 2009

Sleighs and Swings

One of my best friends, Pat, a reading teacher who I met more than twenty years ago, checked into the hospital a few days ago. We’re not sure just yet when she’ll get out. She felt better this morning at 7 a.m, but her doctor told her, no, you’re not going to teach today. Her illness reminds me of all I can’t know. And taking joy in what we have and remember. Here are some pictures of a day we seized last month when we got together with our friend Sue to celebrate Pat’s birthday. Here she’s wearing a red scarf and smiling. We were bundled under blankets, so only our faces got cold as we glided and bumped on the sleigh. The bells jingled! The sounds of those big hooves on snow were so soft.

These friends took me to the same place in the Berkshires for my birthday in July, when we ate outdoors and swung on the swings.



  1. Sending good thoughts to Pat and you. Hope she’s ALL better soon.
    (And those are great pics and even better memories).

  2. Oh, this looks SO beautiful! Love your descriptions. i can just hear those sleighbells and horses’ hooves in the snow….

  3. Sending my love to you and Pat.

  4. Thanks, Tracy. Hope mending is happening around your home, too.

  5. It was very cold, but the sleigh driver said that’s best for skimming along, so it really was perfect. We loved those BIG horses! I felt very Laura Ingalls Wilder-ish for a moment!

  6. Thanks, Jo! I will send it on!

  7. Jeannine–I’m so sorry. It’s so hard when our friends are in pain and we feel like there’s nothing we can do. But you’re being there with & for her, and that does help her. Hang in there. Hugs coming your way.

  8. Sending healing thoughts to your dear friend and hugs to you. Love those photos!

  9. Oh I hope your friend is okay!

  10. I’d like to do more, but yes, being there is about it for now. Thanks for the virtual hugs. They mean a lot!

  11. Thank you, the healing thoughts sustain. I cherish the photos, too. Though I’m bracing myself for my daughter’s reaction when she sees the hat I’m wearing. “Mom!” It’s hard to be stylin at zero degrees.

  12. Thanks, Susan. The day started okay for her, not so great now. I expect that’s how things may go and it’s hard. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

  13. That sleigh is beautiful!

  14. To glide on squeaky snow and hear the faint jingle bells was really something!

  15. Thinking of you today and sending healing thoughts. So wonderful to see how you all seized the moment and made such good memories…

  16. Cliff Walk
    Glad to be there to walk the cliff with you.
    Let me know how Pat is doing.

  17. Re: Cliff Walk
    Linda, you are so kind. Walking by the water with you meant so much to me. But I did feel bad afterward, being so absorbed with my own troubles after all you’d just gone through. I hope I didn’t take advantage of your strength and calm — even while I loved taking it with me into the car! Thank you!
    (and I love your user pic!)

  18. Thank you for the healing thoughts. We are grabbing them wherever we can! And, yes, treasuring memories of some simple and some profound moments.

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