Posted by: jeannineatkins | February 1, 2009

Out and About in February

This Friday, Feb 5, I’ll be speaking at the Wisconsin State Reading Association on Finding Stories in Neighborhoods, Backyards, and the Past. It will be my first time in Milwaukee. I don’t know if I’ll get outside much, but I’m hoping it’s warmer than when I once – just once – visited my sister when she was at Univ. of Wisconsin in Madison in January. Of course her furnace was broken after our drive from Massachusetts, which didn’t help.

As part of Kids Heart Authors events, celebrated this February 14 by over forty independent bookstores in New England, and inaugurated by the energetic and amazing Mitali Perkins, I’ll be reading and signing at the Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley, MA from 10 to noon. If you’re around, come say hi to me and authors Ellen Wittlinger, Dina Friedman d_dina_friedman, Crissa-Jean Chappell crissachappell and Diane deGroat

On February 27 and 28, I’ll participate in March Into Reading! sponsored by the Aquidneck Collaborative for Education and Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. On Friday, I’ll be in schools, but the Saturday event is free and open to the public and will include presentations by David Macaulay, Michael Dooling, who gorgeously illustrated two of my picture books, Janet Taylor Lisle, who wrote The Afternoon of the Elves and many other wonderful novels, Mary Jane Begin, Linda Crotta-Brennan (yay!), Tony O’Brien, John Brennan, and Lucinda Landon. Apparently Revolutionary War reenactors will be around, too. Those are the sorts of things that make me wish I could do more than .. um, talk. Well, maybe I’ll bring chocolate kisses or something to lure people to my table.



  1. This all sounds wonderful! Wish I could come and see you at one of these, but I’ll have to root for you from afar.
    (I lived in Madison once upon a time, and I remember a week in January when the thermometer sunk to -40 degrees. Brr-r-r!)

  2. I participated to March Into Reading last year, Jeannine, and it was a fantastic event. Those Aquidneck Island folks really know how to throw a book party; please say hello to everyone for me!

  3. Oh, you’ve got a fun month ahead of you. Can you find little chocolate ichthyasaurs (sp?!)? 🙂

  4. “Finding Stories in Neighborhoods, Backyards, and the Past” sound fantastic. Wish I could be there.
    Come to NC sometime. I’d love to meet you!

  5. Busy, busy, busy.
    And in April, you’ll be teaching me stuff about poetry in Nashua . . .

  6. Oh man, this all soounds like so much fun! I’m so glad we’re friends…I’m hoping you’ll spill all the details. With pictures, of course.

  7. Yes, Madison is wonderful, but you need a really really big coat.
    Thanks for rooting from afar!

  8. Yes, I remembered later reading your blog, and that’s where you met Bob M. It did look like a good time! It’s not often that I get to participate with one of my illustrators, so that’s very special, too. Very handy to have written about Anne Hutchinson, Rhode Island heroine!

  9. Oh my gosh, chocolate ichythasaurs. Got to get my husband on that one!

  10. North Carolina sounds fabulous on this twenty degree day. I hope I do get to come and to meet you!

  11. Oh yay, you’ll be in Nashua! That was my first thought. Then, gulp, “teaching” YOU? Yikes. Well, I truly believe believe we all teach each other in these workshops… I’ll have to remember that.

  12. Silly Jeannine – of course you’ll be teaching! (You did sign up to do just that, right?) There are always new approaches, tactics, and techniques to be learned. Always.)

  13. Wisconsin!
    Sounds like a great topic to speak on for you in Wisconsin! All the best of luck there! Have fun, get ideas, sign a lot of your books and ….stay warm!

  14. Have fun at your events, Jeannine. And, um…bring your heavy coat, just in case!

  15. Candy is good. Always bring candy!!!!

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