Posted by: jeannineatkins | December 26, 2008

Writing the Day After

We had a good Christmas here. My husband liked the quilt I made him by cutting up some old t-shirts, with pictures of favorite things, he’d put away when he started wearing bamboo t-shirts. He gave me a book about French painters and their models, a lovely necklace, and a peanut butter making machine we might try out today. L.A. met western Massachusetts perfectly in my daughter’s gift of Ugg slippers. She put up with a day among eight people at least thirty years older, keeping herself sane with a bit of texting as we unwrapped and laughed and chatted.

At dinner, the green beans with dried cranberries weren’t too hard or too soft and there was only one observation about the missing mashed potatoes. Toward the end of the day, friends and relatives left and my daughter pulled on her gorgeous impractical boots to go with a best friend from high school and his family to see Valkyrie. “It’s a little strange going with a Jewish family on Christmas to see a movie about Hitler,” she said. “But it’s Hanukkah for them, so I guess it makes it a little better.” Then the house was quiet. My husband lay on the couch. The dogs gave up thoughts of more ham scraps. And I got out my lap top and did a little revising. I’ll continue today, then take a break when more relatives come tomorrow. Holidays are fun, but when you like your work, it’s good to be back.



  1. Nothing to say, just sending you lots of love.

  2. Lots of love back to you, dear Jo.
    Oh, and I forgot to mention, there was a flying laughing toy monkey gift involved, too. From friend Lennie who usually has “that” as in “that Lennie” in front of his name.

  3. Sounds like a great holiday. The quilt sounds amazing!

  4. I actually got a bit of revising done myself today! That and two hours talking to tech support & trying their “solutions” to see if we can get my son’s Xmas software working. I’m being TRULY patient, but am happy they won’t be open over the weekend, so I can’t call back till Monday!
    It was good to be back to the book. I’m trying to not race or pressure, but commit to work.

  5. It was a nice one. I wouldn’t call the quilt amazing, at least in execution, but I was happy to think up something to appeal to someone impossible to buy for. And happy he was pleased.

  6. Oh, glad you were working some, too. And that patience, I’m impressed. Right now my daughter is watching TV, I’m revising and checking email, and my husband is patiently (this is not the first time) trying to ease his brother into starting a blog. He does a lot of art work and it would be a good way to show his work: far easier for him than a website. I have one, my husband has one, my daughter has one, for the family… he just has to do it!

  7. I’ve been on a reading (and re-reading) binge, but I’ve also been making very small, steady forward progress on the new gnome story, and occasional revisions to Jane poems. It is indeed good when you like your work.

  8. When you have such a great job, it’s hard to take a day off isn’t it?
    I used to have no patience for people who worked to the exclusion of family. Now I finally understand how it can happen.

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