Posted by: jeannineatkins | December 24, 2008

Happy holidays, everybody!

I’m having a cookie baking spree, dogs on the alert for mistakes, and taking breaks to do a bit of writing in front of the Christmas tree. I opened cards and found out an old friend reads my blog. (cool –hey, John!) My daughter is trying to adjust to the snowier quieter life here. I enjoyed seeing her old friend Zach yesterday, trying not to grill him too much on his life as an English major. Okay, I had to be reminded. They had places to go to.

Favorite uncle is making his way here as I write. Our friends Pat and Ed will get through snow, sleet, or rain, I know it, tomorrow, and a tired aunt, still reeling from singing at the midnight service. The grandparents will get here first, driving ve-e-e-e-ry slowly up the slippery driveway. I’ll be in the kitchen again, poking a ham, shaping pumpkin rolls, snipping the ends off green beans, and coming out for hugs.

Sending warm wishes to all.



  1. A merry Christmas to you, Jeannine! Your home sounds like it’s full of joy…and I can just smell the delicious smells wafting from your kitchen!

  2. Sounds wonderful!
    Happy happy!!!!

  3. Sounds wonderful! Have a great day with everybody.

  4. Lorraine, Merry Christmas!

  5. Hope the sky stays warmish and everyone can be together. Hope E has fun jumping about!

  6. Have a great day, too!

  7. Pumpkin rolls sound delicious. Have a wonderful holiday, Jeannine.

  8. I first made the pumpkin rolls a few years ago, and it’s now hard to turn back. They are good, and for my mother in law who’s become increasingly picky about what she eats, can comprise most of a meal.
    Okay, better get things along! Have a great day, Kelly!

  9. Sounds like a Merry Christmasy Home – enjoy these happy times! We need them!

  10. We did enjoy, thank you, Dorit. Best wishes for your new year!

  11. Hi Jeannine! Thanks for the shout out! I haven’t logged in for awhile so I’m enjoying catching up with a month’s worth of your postings! Sounds like you had a full/fun trip to Rome.
    John D

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