Posted by: jeannineatkins | December 18, 2008

Small Changes

Getting the house in a bit of order – I just mean wrapping paper out of the way of cookie-baking space and sweeping up fallen winterberries before they’re squished. I want to scribble on some cards, do my daily revising and late this afternoon a few errands on my way to my writing group. I had happy visions of my daughter packing in sunny L.A., due to come in very late tonight, but just got a call: Mom, I’ve been throwing up. It sounds like the flu. She’s got a refundable ticket. She’ll be better soon. So what do I do? What can I do?

Feed the birds.



  1. That stinks. I’m sorry. =(

  2. Oh no!!!!
    When do you think she’ll be up now?
    awww poor Em.

  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear E is sick. 😦 For you both! Hope she makes it home soon.

  4. Thanks, Heidi. We hope it’s a 24 hour (or less! might as well hope) thing and we”ll see her very soon.

  5. Oh no! Maybe a late Christmas is in store for your family this year? Hope it’s just a 24 hour bug . . .

  6. Poor Em just texted me..”mom, I threw up again.”
    But we hope she’ll get here by the weekend.

  7. Thanks, Jo. She’s just a bit freaked out as it seemed to come from nowhere. At least it’s not Christmas Eve!

  8. Thanks Jama. Yes, there’s plenty of time before Christmas and I really do think she’ll recover fast enough. Wish I was there to pour ginger ale and say, “Poor baby.”

  9. Ohhhh, hugs to both of you. I hope she feels better soon. And I’m sure the birds do too!!

  10. Oh, shoot. Maybe it’s just the 24-hour version. Can she change the ticket date? Poor things, both of you.

  11. thanks, Lisa! The birds might not care so much, but the dogs await her!

  12. Thanks, Becky. She can change the ticket, so we hope she feels better soon and can get a flight between snow storms!

  13. I’m so sorry to hear it, Jeannine. How miserable for her and for you too. My girl has mono but made it home so that I could take care of her. Hope yours gets home soon.

  14. Re: Oh, no!
    Tracie, all you guys are too much, right there with the hugs and virtual ginger ale. We’ll be just fine, but lovely to hear the supportive oh nos!
    Have a great holiday with your family!

  15. Thanks, Lorraine! Seeing girls at the end of exam period just teetering on the edge of sickness, trying to hold on, it’s no surprise they crash. I’m so happy yours made it home before!

  16. Birds are my default plan, too.
    Hope she feels better and makes it home soon.

  17. “So what do I do? What can I do?
    Feed the birds.”
    You are very wise.

  18. I agree!
    I’m beaming warm and healing thoughts to your daughter, Jeannine — and to you. I hope she’s safe home very soon.

  19. Thanks, Tracy. She’s got a plan for the midnight plane tonight. With luck, she may be done with ginger ale and onto crackers.
    Have a good holiday!

  20. Thanks, Jenn. We try to learn from those birds… and trees. (but I’m afraid the chewing nails part is still there)

  21. Thank you for the beaming, which seems to be working… plans are laid for very late tonight…

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