Posted by: jeannineatkins | December 8, 2008

Wreath Making

It’s that time of year when I clip hemlock, juniper, laurel, pine, and about anything green around my house and invite some friends over to make wreaths. We had just a dusting of snow to make things look wintry without getting in the way. Guests included writers Ellen Wittlinger here on the front left talking to Dina Friedman d_dina_friedman who made a wreath, but in the holiday spirit, gave hers away.

I introduced the sisters below to Ellen Wittlinger, then handed them some of her novels that they wasted no time getting into, since their wreaths were already made. I have to love people who don’t think parties should interfere with their reading life. I made a date to see Twilight with Sam, on the right, so I bet I’ll get a review on Saturday.

The girl on the left got many accolades for her creative wreath; my husband was particularly smitten with the hanging ornaments, little plastic balls I’d had on hand which she filled with hemlock berries and other things. Her older sister muttered to me that she could not believe their mother was going to let her put that thing on their door. The younger sister didn’t even register her complaints. She glowed with sheer love for what she’d made. That’s the face we want after writing, yes?

All the greeny smells made my dog think we should be out walking instead of hanging in here. (The other dog just stayed in the kitchen waiting for cookie crumbs.) Devoted Parker is with me next to Joe, who’s married to Bruce Carson, beside him. Bruce is in my writing group.

Here’s my husband with the wreath he made. I cropped it a bit (the picture not the wreath; I like the wayward straw though there’s a little problem re closing the door), but not cropped so much you can’t see the assortment of pens in pocket. I just want one favorite and fashion-conscious reader to know her dad hasn’t changed much. We love you, Em!



  1. Oh! Looks like a perfect party. I’m so sorry we missed it! Next year I’ll be footloose and fancy free! 🙂

  2. We missed you! But not sure that footloose is what you’re aiming for. Foot strong and fancy free? (this is no time for your subconscious to go astray!) Hope surgery prep is going well and that you can then sit back and heal and enjoy the season.

  3. Great idea for a party, and then, GREAT PARTY. I always feel a little guilty leaving you with all the dreadful cleanup though. We make such a mess! — Ellen W

  4. That girl’s wreath was so creative and cute! Haha – I remember her sister saying “What are you doing?!” when she was putting the stuff inside the baubles. Then I said – “Whoa what a cool idea!” Because it was!

  5. Those two talking to each other reminded me of being little and having Rachel tell me “how it is.”
    I was so glad I could go. It was so nice to see you and Pete! Plus, all the other lovely folks I only see once a year 😛

  6. Hey, it gets a little prickly here and there, but we’ll drag in a tree soon and what’s a little more pine? No guilt! Anyway, my brother and sister in law stayed on and helped and she was happy to take bags of extra greens back to Long Island for her garden and pots where she said she’d have to pay quite a bit for what grows wild around here.

  7. Yes, I think Grace got a lot of positive reinforcement, if not from her big sister. (which, um, if you see below seems to create a few echoes from your most creative sister).
    I loved your wreath, too, and we have some good photos.

  8. Thanks, Alana, it was great to see you.
    I think I replied to Rachel, or am I replying to her now; I’m so confused! It’s a little late for me to be at the keyboard (is that a good excuse? Okay, I’m old and out of it. xo)

  9. It’s just the natural order of things. haha

  10. Hey- I may have bossed you around, but I know I was supportive of your (at least creative) endeavors. I still have that framed popsicle stick picture I that you made for Mom and I thought you had given me, and it was really for Mom. Then you crossed out Mom on it and wrote Rachel on it and gave it to me because you felt sorry for me! hahaha
    I know what you mean though. haha
    Your biggest irritant was that I was trying to be your mother. Hey – Alana – let me learn you something, you’re doing it wrong!

  11. What a fun party idea. Although…it’d be harder to find tree trimmings like that around these parts.
    LOL about the pens in your husband’s pocket. He’s a writer, no? Must be, with all those writing implements at the ready. 🙂

  12. Yes, it makes it fun because I can go right outside. I actually can do some brush trimming and wreath gathering at the same time!
    Yes, my husband writes and illustrates and likes to be ready for anything! We tease him, but he likes to gloat when he has what we need!

  13. Man, those wreaths look awesome!

  14. It’s really fun to see the variety of things people come up with given a frame and some greens. Like words, I suppose, but more in your face. And they smell good.

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