Posted by: jeannineatkins | November 28, 2008

Day after Thanksgiving

Maybe it’s a writer thing, I know it’s a me thing, but sometimes the day after an event, full of recollections in tranquility and that sort of thing, can be more gratitude-packed even than the day. The dishes are all washed, thanks to Pat who came with champagne, cake, and blue plastic gloves, since she insists on rinsing before loading the dishwasher (hey, I don’t even cut the cranberries for the bread). Leftovers are stowed in various refrigerators, thanks to beautiful Jess, who dances even when she’s just looking for plastic wrap and whirling things into it. NOT ostrich, but turkey (my mention of that word ostrich in my last post started that old gossip game in which each retelling adds its own twist, so that some thought I was serving a less traditional bird). The dogs are stuffed and happy from leftovers and extra pats, and the cat can come out of hiding. Me, I’ve got a beautiful pile of books and a first chapter I’m revising. And every now and then I let my mind drift back in thanks for the day with friends and relatives. Including a glimpse of my daughter I-chatting with us before heading out with roommate Colleen to Disneyworld to mingle with other turkey evaders. Grandpa threw out his arms for a screen hug and got one back. My husband took this of Em’s Grandma and Aunt Chris taking a turn.



  1. I love that photo! It’s wonderful. Your daughter looks so happy.

  2. Yes, you can see why we miss that smile.

  3. I can only imagine… when my 12 year old daughter is at a sleep-over for one night, the house is a little too quiet for my liking!

  4. I’m glad you’re enjoying age 12 so much, it is a wonderful time. Then comes sixteen and learning to drive — such a miracle for them, so anxiety-producing for us. But somehow most of us manage to move on and grow to appreciate the new adventures.

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