Posted by: jeannineatkins | November 18, 2008

Heart Necklaces

I’m back home after a few days with my daughter. It was fun to see her apartment and spend a little time with her roommates. We made a quick tour of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where we liked the portraits from Vanity Fair: bigger than those in the magazine, and no pushing through a wad of ads to get there. We spent a day at Disneyworld, where soot from nearby forest fires kept Minnie, Mickey, Cinderella and pals indoors. We did enjoy spotting sturdier small princesses decked in blue or gold gowns and a little boy circling a smooth barked palm tree. I’m afraid this was a case when will and determination were not enough, and he had to give up on climbing it.

Emily and I saw the Changeling (I didn’t bring enough tissues, but liked it), lazed about, ate some great meals, and completed some practical errands such as getting her to a doctor’s to look at a cut on her cheek made when she fell while moving boxes. Which was news to me.

“Mom, I didn’t want to freak you out.”

When I called the nurse to explain, she said, “Your daugther’s nineteen? Yeah, we usually hear about these things about a month after they happen. I’ll talk to the doctor and try to fit you in.”

Which they kindly did, and pronounced the Bactine she’d used (“it reminded me of you putting that on when I was a kid”) seemed to have done the trick, though some minor surgery might be in her future. Too soon Emily competently ferried me to the airport and provided me with a copy of Twilight and the command to put my computer in the overhead and read the novel that one of her roommates is even more obsessed with. Colleen told about wearing an Edward sticker on her face when a costumer returned a copy to the bookstore where she works at Customer Service.

“Okay, but do you mind if I ask why you’re returning this?” she asked. “I have to tell you, you’re breaking my heart a little bit.”

After the young woman explained the book had been a gift and not really to her taste, Colleen convinced her with a swift synopsis to sit in a comfy chair and give it a chance, pointing out she still had two weeks in which to return it if it disappointed. The reader left not only with Twilight but volume two of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire books.

And then Colleen ripped the Twilight sticker from her face as a good looking man came to the counter.

My daughter enjoys getting text messages from Colleen post celebrity encounters. And Colleen, next time Harrison Ford appears at your counter, you can text me, too.



  1. I’m glad Emily’s face isn’t infected. Her friend Colleen sounds great.

  2. Can Colleen sell my book when it comes out?

  3. She can text me too! Better yet, I want her job! : )

  4. I love the way Twilight stories are popping up all over the blogs.
    I once heard Terri Gross interview Harrison Ford. She asked him something, and he said, “You know, that’s a really great question.” And she giggled. Really.
    Glad you had a good time with your daughter!

  5. what a story!

  6. Ah, nineteen. It is an interesting age to have your child, isn’t it?
    I must say, I am glad mine is 5 hours away. It’s far enough so she feels quite independent, but not so far we can’t get there with minimal hassle if need be.
    On the other hand, there’s no chance of Harrison Ford (OMG!!!) happening to be in town.

  7. Love these mother-daughter entries. 🙂 Oh, and I want her job.

  8. Thanks, Kelly. The nurse said she hadn’t heard of anyone using Bactine in years. Yes, Colleen is fun. They’ll spend Thanksgiving together, both from the east coast. (I say, bracing self for this new ritual).

  9. I hope so!

  10. The third roommate, who’s not much of a reader, can’t quite understand what these celebrities are doing in a book store, but apparently it’s better for sitings than say Starbucks!

  11. Terri Gross giggling. Great story. I can imagine that man breaking you down.
    Yes, it was a fun few days. Then there’s the missing…

  12. fun trip!

  13. Emily is not missing the cold or the lack of celebrities around. But she does miss the dogs and us a bit, too. It is a fun place to be nineteen, and hopefully no more episodes involving blood. But she managed (and she’s squeamish).

  14. Oh, the job envy. I think Emily will apply post Christmas when she can give a time commitment. Besides the pretty faces, Colleen says she’s treated well (as she should be!)

  15. What a fun weekend. I’m glad Emily’s doing so well, despite the minor cut. Loved seeing the pictures.

  16. Glad to hear that Emily is doing so well, despite the cut cheek. You both look happy and fabulous.

  17. Yeah, cut cheeks she learned how to deal in her own way, at least, and it was thoughtful of her not to want to freak me out. Which the story from afar would have.
    Happy and fabulous. I guess the first would be me, the second her — thanks!

  18. YOU!
    Loved the pics of you and Emily in LA! Thank goodness that the fires were not near you!
    Sounds as if you had a great visit!
    (Sorry to hear of Em cut!)
    Please e-mail me her new address and send along a photo if it is still a go to do a painting of her and her friends! (include size, etc.)
    Also glad to hear that your classes are interesting for you!

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