Posted by: jeannineatkins | November 4, 2008


Last week my daughter and her roommates spent an evening filling in their absentee ballots. Em brought them to a post box the next morning, and then called me, elated at casting her first ever vote. She lives in this place called Los Angeles that many people have heard of. In our small town, when I ran into the town clerk in the post office and mentioned Em had mailed her ballot, Lynn asked, “Which day? I haven’t seen it yet,” but it was okay because it was just the day before. She said she’d keep an eye out for it.

No lines at our old town hall (that’s lavender a local gardener planted in front), although I heard there was a small crowd at 7 a.m. Paul, the man who I wrote about fixing the cemetery fence, who is also town moderator, and apparently likes to cast the first vote, was grumbling a bit about getting in at number 12. Apparently my husband and I were #s 272 and 273. Standing in that little booth, I got chills moving my pencil.

If you want to read more voting stories, see Kate Messner’s blog kmessner!



  1. Nice to see your voting place–and I could just see your town moderator grumbling about being 12th! Glad you didn’t have the huge lines that I’m reading about.

  2. Oh yes, small town voting. The personal touch makes such a difference. Now there’s a story in having to vote number 12 instead of number 1.
    What’s making me happy today is that So Many People Are Voting!!!

  3. We “lost” our polling place a few years ago–too small a population, I guess. So I mailed in a few weeks ago. I’m actually glad–I don’t think I could stand the stress today. 🙂

  4. I think it was a good grumble though; everyone was happy to see a big turnout! (but he’ll probably get there even earlier the next time!)

  5. Yes, it is wonderful to see people young, old, and in between making sure their voices get counted.

  6. Mailing in votes — I hope that is the wave of the future. It would save everyone stress. Now if I can only get my mind on … another century!

  7. Thanks for sharing your story and your pictures, Jeannine! I especially love the story of the town moderator who was mad about being #12.

  8. I know when the town clerk retired, she had to let go of her hold on her dog getting dog license #1. Oh well.
    Thanks for contributing to the day’s joy!

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