Posted by: jeannineatkins | October 3, 2008

It’s fall in Massachusetts

I drove past gold, yellow, and umber trees under a blue sky. Pumpkins orange in the fields. Old sunflowers drooping. At the library, I picked up some books, then by the building saw two boys busy kicking leaves into a pile. Then stomping on them.

The dried leaves crackled. The stomping brought out the leaves’ delicious slightly burned smell. The boys lifted their knees higher, pounded their feet.

I hope you have as much fun sometime today.



  1. 🙂
    It’s a beautiful time of year.
    Thanks so much for taking time to meet with me yesterday. It’s always so wonderful to see you.

  2. And wonderful to see you! Leaf-loving boys, cider donuts (I had to bring some home, too), and you make for a great day.
    Checking out of Atkins Farm, I learned through the venerable art of eavesdropping (what’s a check out line for?) that all the cars in the lot and tents were cause Mel Gibson is filming a scene in his Boston based movie near the old bunker (which I believe houses books) off 116. So we had a brush with Hollywood, too.
    Love you. Stay warm.

  3. The colors are finally turning brighter here in Vermont. I had thought that this year would be a bust…all rusty browns and yellows, but we are finally getting cold nights and now the red and orange colors are coming out.
    I’m with you, I love the smell of fall leaves!

  4. Burned smell? I have never heard (or smelled) that before! You have to use this in a book or a poem. Something we Californians will get to read and find out about.

  5. Ah, you make me miss New England autumns!

  6. Yes, think we’ll get more reds than we did last year; maybe I’m training myself to love the yellow as much. Enjoy, and store it up!

  7. Now I’m self conscious — so hard to describe a smell! But there is something faintly charcoaly about it.

  8. That fleeting pleasure!

  9. This made me smile. Much the same here, I’m happy to say, as everything about fall calls to me.

  10. Rain and gray here today, but the leaf colors gracefully bring us to bleak November. Old sunflowers drooping…love that.

  11. Fall is short but sweet! Glad you are enjoying.

  12. My neighbors have those sunflowers, which I hope they’ll leave for a while. If they don’t get mauled by bears!
    Lorraine, I just put up the soup recipe you asked about! Soup can brighten even that month that’s coming next which you mentioned (I’m not ready to name it!)

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