Posted by: jeannineatkins | September 19, 2008

September Holiday

Usually I’m asleep at 1:30 a.m. But last night I got up to hug my daughter, brought home by her dad from the airport. Em finished her first quarter at FIDM, and I’d prepped by stocking the fridge and cupboard with fruit – yay for apple season — hummus, 12 grain bread, avocadoes, and Izzies blackberry soda. I got a few great middle of the night hugs as the dogs leapt and moaned (Parker) or ran in circles (Louis). Em flipped open her cell phone to show me a picture of the guy she started seeing and who drove her to the airport, and she promised to give me the lowdown today over lunch, or will that be supper, then see Burn After Reading.

One suitemate is leaving for another campus and another friend moving in to the two-bedroom suite. My daughter, an only child, explained that she and her roommate will squeeze a third bed into their room, all lined up and get a really big blanket, since they have more of the same hours than the fourth girl.

“It should relieve friction in the household,” Em said.

Yeah, no stress there, or maybe you can tell I’m not nineteen?

I got a quick update on celebrity sightings – a Sex and the City star on her plane (Charlotte). One of Em’s roommate at work at a Barnes and Noble was gushing to her manager about a boxed set of Robert De Nero movies when he told her to turn around. There was the actor himself. who said, “I’m very happy to meet you. You have excellent taste.” And gave her a hug. I guess we can’t compete here, though I’m happy with the pumpkin patches, the busy spiders weaving fall webs, the sunflowers. Em says her new friend can’t believe she grew up by a farm, and she does have more the look of someone born to L.A. Not that I’m milking any cows either. Just rounding up the occasional stray from the safety of my telephone.

I’m doing some writing in the morning. But can’t wait for lunch. Feels like a major holiday to have my girl back for a bit!



  1. Oh, enjoy, Jeannine! What a fabulous holiday!

  2. Thanks, Kathy. I feel like I’ve got a present upstairs I can’t wait to unwrap.
    And thanks for your great comment on Ashley’s blog. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it!

  3. Love this post, as I’m seeing my daughter tonight, too briefly (and her friends can’t believe she grew up ON a farm). ;o]

  4. OMG I have to see Em while she’s up this time! I missed her last time!!
    “Em flipped open her cell phone to show me a picture of the guy she started seeing and who drove her to the airport”
    WHAAAATTTTT? OMG I need details toooooooooooo!

  5. have fun with your daughter!

  6. Robert DeNiro?! Oh, man, that beats my sighting of Richard Thomas (John Boy) by a long shot. 🙂
    How nice to have her home; I can’t believe the first quarter is already over.

  7. Hey, Rachel, I’ll tell her to give you a call or text! You’ll probably get more details than me!

  8. The first quarter really flew by! Wow, seems like she just left home.
    Enjoy your time with Em!!
    Robert de Niro? What a great story! It was the perfect time for her to gush.

  9. Oh, John Boy!
    Well, it wasn’t Em’s sighting, but she appreciated how her friend was just in the act of saying how great he was when he appeared. It seems like even he could appreciate that — he knew it wasn’t any kind of flattery just because he was there.
    I know — the quarter seemed pretty fast to me. I’m thinking maybe I’ll visit on my school breaks in Jan. or March — thinking maybe by way of San Francisco, renting a car there and driving south. Once real plans are underway, I’ll let you know and hope we can have coffee!!! (or go look for seals…)

  10. I thought it kind of flew — she said not for her, but then she had so much going on. I don’t think it was slow in a bad way, but just a long time from her own bed. And dogs. Alas, no Robert de Niro sightings around here, but… thank goodness we have nice dogs!

  11. Oh, yeah. And when you’re checking flights, check San Jose, too. Sometimes it’s cheaper, sometimes it’s not, but it’s always 15 minutes from us, and we have a futon!

  12. I love that kind of holiday…and the food sounds yummy as well! Sniff–I just said goodbye to my girl…luckily she’s only two hours away.
    Have fun!

  13. I hear you about not being 19–that’s my daughter’s (also an only) age, too. My my, but it’s interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing her in another month (I have to wait that long?!…)
    Enjoy it!

  14. yes, good holiday — no pressures, just hanging out!
    Glad yours is close. Lucky you. Perhaps again one day…

  15. YAY I’m so happy E is home for a bit! Wow that went fast. Enjoy her, J! *sigh* L is loving MHC. Hopefully you will catch a glimpse of her.

  16. Good to think of it all as interesting!
    Good wishes for the waiting. And for one of those fabulous hugs when the waiting is done!

  17. Yes, I thought it went pretty fast. A quarter, three months, can kind of fly! I am enjoying, and doing some laundry, too (um, did that have to come cross country?).
    So so glad L is enjoying the transition, which seems the hardest part. I hope I do glimpse her — and you! — soon.

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