Posted by: jeannineatkins | August 27, 2008

Writing Groups

Our four-person writer’s group was supposed to meet yesterday, but when the daughter of a member showed up briefly before heading back to college, her mom sent us an email and we rescheduled to next week. But Bruce wrote: hey if anyone wants to come over and swim, that’s fine. You know I did.

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly a writing meeting, but I love those and I love the act of voting, going into our little town hall, saying hi to the smiling ladies and one of the ever-dour cops by the door, reciting my name, watching someone cross it out, checking off boxes with a pencil, then getting my name crossed off yet again while the ballot is slipped into a wooden box and cranked into a pile. Fall, of course, is the season of voting, but to keep me happy meanwhile, yesterday I took a little poll about critique groups. You can do this, too, by going to Becky’s August 26 blog beckylevine. It took me under a minute and I got to voice my opinion and think about the sorts of things critique group members might need to know. So if you have an opinion or questions or a minute, go on over! Writer’s Digest wants to know about the value of such a book and they are asking us!



  1. I’m sorry I missed the swim, but our writing group is precious in so many way. It has helped, I think, to build real friendships with each other over the years, which has deepened the trust and support.

  2. Thanks for the link, Jeannine! I’m glad you like voting. And I love that your group is more than just writing. I think that can be the best kind.

  3. Yes! This book may need a Writing and Swimming chapter!

  4. Absolutely, trust, support, and even fun. Sorry you weren’t there to swim, but I bet Vermont was gorgeous

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