Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 30, 2008

Eight Summer Pleasures

I’ve been tagged by maryecronin and invited to

* 1. Post these rules.
* 2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about themself on their journal.
* 3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 3 people
* 4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
* 5. No tag-backs

Since the topic felt too big to wrap my summer mind around, I narrowed it to eight-ish of my favorite things about the season.

1. Stopping at a nearby farmers stand and buying blueberries and raspberries for muffins. Or cake. And cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers for my husband’s gazpacho.
2. Orange day lilies.
3. Swimming under the sky.
4. Pictures of Loree’s lgburns echinicea plants and their visitors. And her offer of a pot come fall, (minus the pollinators; the flowers must find their own here).
5. Fat books on the bedside table. Especially ones that suck you in and keep you up too late. Right now it’s Roxanna Robinson’s COST. (except her use of italics is so profligate that I brace myself for them and lose the flow. We get that the characters are thinking, and it’s a let down because they’re not important, just soup or something.. not that soup isn’t important, but..)
6. Going to the movies when it’s in the nineties outside and putting on a sweater in the A.C. Loving the quieter streets of the nearby college towns.
7. Talking about salt water. Sometimes even getting to the ocean.
8. The porch where I’m typing now, wearing t-shirt, short, and flip flops.

And not summer-ish, but pleasure, was last night overhearing my husband talking on the phone to our daughter about this and that and the secrets of gluing. Apparently she’s learned that it’s best to dab rubber cement on both pieces, not just one, for a firmer smoother seal. She’s about fashion, he’s not, but they have a common bond in what is well glued. (sorry, the bond pun was accidental.)

I hope you three don’t mind being tagged, but if you do, or have been so already, please forgive my memory or presumption, ignore the request and go on to other work – or the hammock.




  1. I almost never mind being tagged! And it’s a great morning for this, because I have the starts of a little cold, and was looking forward to a big cup of tea with honey and some of the music I bought last night and playing around with a post. Now I have a plan!
    I’m with you on the italics. As a reader it almost always bugs me (there are exceptions, but I haven’t yet been able to figure out what THOSE writers are doing that the others aren’t). As an editor, I’m constantly urging people to find a way to write the internal thought so the reader knows (seamlessly) that that’s what it is, WITHOUT. Lots of hot, word-geek discussions around this!

  2. I loved the father/daughter bonding (sorry)image.
    Sounds like some wonderful summer pleasures.

  3. Hope your tea and honey keeps the cold from worsening. And I’ll look forward to seeing what new music you’re listening to!
    This novel is elegantly written, and I really don’t know why the editor allowed all these italics, when there’s plenty of other thoughts going on and it’s clear they’re thoughts and it seems just random to me why some thoughts have to be in italics. Well, nice to vent with you on this, and I’m glad you urge writers to stop pressing that I button!

  4. Yes, some pleasures, another of which is seeing your dog pictures! I bet you are looking forward to the weekend with more time together.

  5. Oh I am, indeed! I have all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday with her – no place to go. Lots and lots of training to do as she is settling in and showing us her smart but stubborn side. LOL

  6. Hey, you tagged me! But darn, I don’t have time for it–I’m waist deep in camping gear spread all across our living room. We’ll be in the wilds tomorrow afternoon which is definitely one of my favorite summer pleasures. And raspberries. And flip flops. And family bonding. 🙂

  7. Sounds great, and more fun than writing eight things! Hope the mosquitoes aren’t too friendly and the skies stay clear!

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