Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 17, 2008

More small steps back to routine

After a bit of bereft mom voodoo –tossing some of the nearly empty jars and bottles left in the bathroom, setting aside others for her return, swiping a few (peppermint skin lotion, yes!) — I’m getting into a July-in-Massachusetts routine. Starting with blueberries and cereal on the porch, walking with Mary and the dogs (but did we really have to do four loops?) seeing orange day lilies and Queen Anne’s lace while driving. And under the enormous shadow of a tree, a small girl raises her hands and skips, despite the noon heat, so her pink skirt flaps. Beside her, a mom lugs groceries.

I’m glad to get back to filling a decent part of the day with writing, while I work my way through a pitcher of iced tea. And get a phone call from my girl who needs a dress for an interview at Bloomingdales. She tells me she’d probably be in the lingerie department. Am I a bad mom that this picture of her with a measuring tape draped around her neck, sizing up chests, made me laugh?



  1. YAY for getting back into a routine. I’m there, too, hoping I can stick to it. It’s hard.
    Not a bad mom – unless I am, too. Of course I’m not HER mom, but it made me giggle.

  2. I know — it’s hard with girls around, hard without them, just hard.
    I guess we deserve a few giggles now and then.

  3. Clearly, I’ve been doing “too much” research–the picture I had was definitely out of the book I read about the big departments stores at the turn of the century–Not a single bra out on a hanger, but all in drawers behind the counter, and sales clerks who went and fetched what you needed. Definitely with the tape measure, I’m guessing.
    She probably won’t be wearing a shirtwaist, though!
    I just love hearing from parents who’s kids have gone off to school and are calling & emailing with the little stuff. So reassuring!

  4. Oh I love too much research and a historical overlay on the present. Yes, she so needs a shirtwaist!
    Well, lucky you have a while and I won’t be spreading the word that there are colleges in Massachusetts. Though as I slowly get used to the idea, living across the continent has its good points. I just hatched a fantasy that if Em stays there for a while, I could fly into San Francisco, where I’ve never been, rent a car and stay a bit before driving to L.A. Thank goodness for fantasies!

  5. You know if you fly into SF and drive down, you have to stop by for a visit. Or we meet for lunch. And sometimes it’s cheaper to fly into San Jose, which is 15 minutes from our house!
    Keep going with the fantasy.

  6. I’d love to meet for lunch or to stare at you, I mean join you, as you stare for your 15 minutes or so!
    Who knows, maybe Jan or March when Mass. is nasty and I’m on semester breaks! It is fun to imagine!

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