Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 14, 2008

Getting Back to a Massachusetts Rhythm

Sunday was a perfect porch day, and I used the silence to get back into a routine after unpacking and decompressing from leaving my daughter, who finally and happily met the fourth suite-mate. It’s her birthday today and they hope to celebrate at Santa Monica pier.

On Saturday, many celebrated the eightieth birthday of my friend Peg Davol author of picture books, story teller, former nursery school teacher, and wonderful ever-upbeat person. It was a fun mix of relatives of several generations, writers, and friends. Jo’s sweet husband took this picture of, from left, Pat Cook, Jo Knowles jbknowles , Ellen Wittlinger, Peg,me, and Michelle Kwasney

Besides sampling from about twenty kinds of cheese and as many salads, we got to hear a bit about Ellen’s book out this week, Love and Lies: Marisol’s Story, and hear about Jo’s August plans, which seemed big on sitting by the pool with Debbi d_michiko_f, though there were work elements, too. We talked about books we’re reading and books being forbidden, of which my contribution from the challenged list is Where’s Waldo, which contains someone in a crowded beach scene without a proper top, so we are talking maybe one so-called provocative line half the size of a comma.

Writing, friends, laughing, birthdays, all good, but I can’t help missing my girl who’s now living in a complex that’s four times the population of our little town. I did slip my feet into some cute pointy-toed flats for a few minutes, though, and slung around the loop of fake pearls that were left behind. Is this what it comes to? Playing dress up? Let’s hope it’s a phase….



  1. Ah, you did a much better job describing the day than I did. 🙂
    As always, our visit was too short. But it was wonderful to see you!
    Sorry you’re missing your girl, so. Dress up is allowed.

  2. Sounded like such a lovely time! You can join us by the pool! 🙂

  3. I don’t know about better description, but I agree it was too short and thanks for allowing dress up!

  4. Thanks, Debbi. It could be a contest, you and Jo or the thirteen-year-old girls, who laughs loudest.

  5. It must be so hard having her gone–hopefully the quiet will become LESS quiet with some time passage. What a tough stage to be moving into, but so good that things are going well for her.

  6. Peg can’t possibly be 80! Wow, what a great celebration! Hug her for me next time you see her.

  7. Yes, it means a lot to hear a happy voice on the other end of the phone, even if it’s not as close as I’d like. I may start feeling a need to get to California more often!

  8. That’s what my husband said, too; she definitely makes 80 look good. It was fun meeting some of her relatives, introducing myself as one of her writer friends, and hearing little oooohs, about how she enjoys her writer friends and how glad they are. I will be sure to pass along the hug and once she gets over all the relatives visiting hope you can do one in person. Ellen said she ran into you and L who she calls a sweety!

  9. L was thrilled to see E again. She worships her.

  10. That would be a good thing! 🙂

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