Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 1, 2008

Our Last Day in Maine

My husband, my friend, Pat, and I took a bike ride this morning and got to see our deer, smell the ferns and roses, and pedal past inlets, a pond with water lilies, woods, and gardens.

In the afternoon we went to York Harbor and rocked in the waves, which weren’t too cold. Although we didn’t stay in too long. Seagulls soared. Children dug in sand and filled bright plastic buckets. Over by the cliffs, Pat threw many lucky rocks, thanking the powers that be for such a perfect day. I could almost hear children in the distance screaming as sand castles went down, one boy shouting, “It’s not over until the feather’s gone!” (thanks, jbknowles) The beach was busy, colorful, changing. The waves were long and steady. The waves will keep waving, and we’ll get back.

Here’s a picture my husband took of me and Pat near a bridge we crossed. Behind us, a blue heron sipped the water.



  1. I’m so happy you all had such a beautiful time together.

  2. What a happy picture! And GBHs are one of my favorite birds!

  3. Thanks, Jo. It really was a memorable and sweet time.

  4. We did have a happy day! Yes those herons have the best necks and wings. You do feel in a presence.

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