Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 25, 2008

Maine Magic

Are there enough brownies and chairs? Will the dog behave? Yes, yes, yes. It’s great when your worries float off and everything just works out. It was a treat to share a Maine morning with three other writers: Jo jbknowles, Cindy cynthialord and Cindy cfaughnan. And Jo and Cindy F. checked in virtually with d_michiko_f to join us from across the continent. Thanks for getting up early, Debbi!

Here I’d been telling myself not to expect perfection, but we got it. (Except my camera batteries died and no charger here, but Jo and Cindy have pictures on their blogs. And Cindy Lord even includes fascinating ideas about drawing from life for your writing.)

We complained a few complaints, cheered good news and crossed fingers for more. I found an extension cord for the four laptops and we all wrote on the screen porch. It was fun to tiptoe past each other, but why was I the only one drinking coffee? What’s with this drinking water at 11 a.m.? Oh well. My daughter and her friends quietly brought late breakfasts to the deck and if Nell chose peanut butter ice cream cake for hers, well it’s vacation. The thunder held off at least long enough for them to get to the beach and take some photos of our dog’s first trip to the ocean. We writers got in a short walk past the daisies and pink roses to the rocky shore.

My other friends arrived after getting in a swim between storms and for supper we went out for Mexican food. Sounds pretty perfect, yes? There’s more. When I turned out some lights and headed upstairs I found my friend Pat sitting up in bed writing. Was it my kind and wise writer friends being here this morning, the ocean, or the margaritas? Maybe all. But for years, people have told Pat, a reading teacher, that she should write a book about her experiences with illness and hope. I’ve said, sure, but maybe think about writing about one afternoon, or one conversation. And she hasn’t written that conversation or book, busy with so many other things, until last night when she hand-wrote nine pages.

This morning I love getting back to writing on the porch, feeling the lovely ghosty glow of friends who sat where I sit now, wishing I knew what wonderful words they typed here, but willing to wait and see.



  1. Oh it sounds like a lovely, wonderful day. I’m so jealous! 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’m jealous, too. I want every day to be like that one! But will treasure the memory.

  3. I’m channeling all that energy from yesterday so I can write today. What a perfect place–and perfect company!
    Yay for Pat! Next time she’ll have to join us on the porch!
    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for coming, Cindy! My friends finished off the scones and just went for a walk and I passed, opting for one later, wanting to grab that great energy you left on the porch! Thanks so much for making the trip!

  5. It was wonderful working virtually at your place. Thank you! 😉 Sounds like it was a wonderful day! I’m so glad!

  6. That sounds so idyllic, Jeannine. A day you can reflect back on in the dark of winter, and smile.

  7. Thank you so much for having us over, Jeannine! It was a perfect day 🙂
    I’m glad to see the weather is being good to you all today, too!

  8. See? We behaved!! 😛

  9. Oh, you were angels! I could write a whole blog entry about that!!

  10. It would be more fun with your audible laughter and visible smile, but… thanks for showing up.

  11. I’m already reflecting back on it! I do hope I can remember in winter, too!

  12. Thanks, Cindy. It was a joy. And yes, today’s the day I mean to get wet and salty!

  13. It just sounds beautiful–I knew it would all work out. (Of course, if it had been my “thing,” I’d have been fretting just as much!)
    How wonderful for Pat. What a peaceful place.

  14. Aw! You’re so sweet! 🙂 Looking forward to a time when we can get together again!

  15. Oh, YAY for Pat. I’m so glad she has picked up her pen. Please give her a huge hug for me.
    Thanks again for a wonderful time!

  16. Thanks, Becky! I feel like you were there with me by the kitchen sink!

  17. Your name has come up just a few times around here! She is happy for your hug and sends one back!

  18. Sounds picture perfect to me. How lovely.

  19. Sometimes the stars line up right. Sending those stars southward to you.

  20. sounds heavenly!

  21. sounds wonderful – I’m a little jealous 🙂 Sending you happy thoughts and oodles of inspiration!

  22. It was one of those beautifully serendipitous things — oh, you’re going to Maine in June? Me, too — not that it didn’t take quite a bit of back and forthing online!

  23. I gotta admit it was! As my neighbor used to say of some such, maybe as close as I’ll ever get to heaven!

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