Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 23, 2008

Nothing is simple, right, wasn’t I supposed to know that?

So I had this great fantasy of having some writing friends come to the house by the ocean tomorrow. I’d be here with my friend, Pat and my nineteen-year-old, who might sleep through half the day. The rest of us would write and eat a delicious lunch to the civilized sound of waves.

Then my writing group friend and his partner thought it would work better for them to come on Tuesday then on the weekend. Okay. Then my daughter drove up with her dog and a friend. Okay. Then ten minutes ago she told me that another friend and her friend are on their way up, didn’t I tell her? Not exactly. And Pat isn’t feeling that well. There are thunderstorms and more predicted.
–Where is everybody sleeping?
–Mom, we’ll work it out. And we’ve got chocolate fondue.
— Oh, I got strawberries.
— Good! We forgot about something to dip in the fondue.

So now I’m baking brownies and starting a chicken salad and hoping the morning has a little peace for my friends to write in. These are the lessons we’re supposed to keep learning, right? Nothing is perfect. Go with the flow. Hey, there’s an ocean out there! Chill.

Can I? Well, the brownies are starting to smell good.



  1. Go with the flow- and the most important thing about tomorrow is the gathering of wonderful (and talented) friends. 🙂 Have fun! *hugs*

  2. Aw, thanks, Debbi, as you could tell I needed that hug. I felt better after freaking out on the page. It made it look sort of like I’m demented Martha S type and not really who I need to be.
    Of course the brownies are important, too, and I did not burn them. But we will see if any are left by tomorrow with four girls staying up till who knows when. Of course there is that famous fondue. And need to get real and just figure I’ll find those dishes all around in the morning.
    Thanks, Debbi! You are the best and I know your name will be invoked tomorrow with much love.

  3. That sounds like so much fun!!

  4. It will be fine. The hostess (or host) is the only one who ever sees the wrinkles; to the guests, everything looks smooth. 🙂

  5. Oh no worries, no matter what! It’ll be so much fun to be there with you, everything else is extra. . . well, except the brownies. Save me one of those, okay? 🙂

  6. No worries, Jeannine!
    I can’t wait to be there!

  7. Can’t wait to hug you. Sheesh, I suppose it’s not the politest to be blog-whispering to the guests!

  8. Yes. Too bad re your pesky job among the non-mac designers. (what’s with it with them?) But I hope you find other good features there.

  9. Thanks, Becky. I felt better after taking a big public breath and am looking forward to it. No thunderstorms so far so hope we can sit outside!

  10. Thanks! I told the girls they could take some brownies but not all, and I don’t think I sounded THAT stern but they were untouched. Of course the M and M ice cream in the freezer may have helped. And they had gotten back from one of their favorite Maine traditions. Yummies, Home to Five Gazaillion Pounds of Candy, or something like that, in Kittery. Looking forward to the day!

  11. Yes. Too bad indeed!
    Eh… some things they make look nice. I feel like I keep getting stuck with something not so awesomely designed and I’m supposed to stick with the awfulness because I can’t see how to make it look good without completely saying – this looks bad, we need to do something completely different. If I said that, someone would be insulted, and if I didn’t say that and start over – they’d say, but the client approved this and you did something different now. >_>
    Soooo….. I hope they stop making me work with the powerpoint people. 😦

  12. It was a terrific day! You made it look simple to host a variety of people at the same time–and even get some writing done!

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