Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 12, 2008

Dedicated to the penmanship-impaired and their allies

My daughter is leaving for L.A. in a few weeks to attend FIDM, a fashion design school, where she’ll focus on visual arts. This is across the continent, so I say – acckkkk! I mean – yaaay for her, or some combination. Exciting and scary.

Meanwhile, we’re enjoying mother-daughter time when she can separate from friends. Yesterday we went to get pedicures, where everyone passing asked, “Is that your mother,” or, “Is that your daughter?” Of course she is the beautiful one.

Em got out one of her massive Anne Boylen biography (okay, okay, so I think a biography should be 32 pages, but this is thick). I took out blank paper and started writing.

“What language is that?” the Vietnamese pedicurist asked me, looking over.


He looked puzzled, as have those of you who’ve struggled to read one of my cards or margin notes (and I’m sorry, always). I assured him that even I have a hard time reading my own handwriting.



  1. YAY for your daughter and FIDM! 🙂 And yay for pedicures! 🙂
    You and I should have a contest over penmanship. I can’t read my own writing most days….

  2. Next time, tell the pedicurist that you’re writing in secret code. Why fret about penmanship when you have the coolest toesies in town?

  3. Yeah, not too much fretting. Great thing about going with my daughter is she insists on red-red-red, when usually I think I’m going wild with even a clear polish. So, I suppose my toes are at least as cool as they’ve ever been!

  4. YAY for your enthusiasm for FIDM, for pedicures, for life. Debbi, you are the best. May all your supportiveness come right back to you tenfold. Let’s make this your summer! xo

  5. I wrote fine until grad school, when suddenly my focus deserted me, and I had to somehow write fast enough to take down what the profs were saying.
    Handwriting went to…!
    I try and do as neatly as possible on critiques, but I have to really work at it. 🙂

  6. Yeah, the more you write, the worse it can get. My sister’s handwriting rivals mine, so we got pretty good at reading each other’s, pre the days of email (yay!). She writes reviews of movies, concerts etc. so writes in the dark, and tells me that people glance and ask if it’s shorthand. She says she wishes she knew that.
    I loved second graders, but they’d laugh if I tried to teach them writing.

  7. LA???? Hmmmm, the school sounds fantastic, but I know that is far for you. Sending you happy thoughts to go with those pedis. 🙂

  8. We have told her there are good schools nearer by (!) but this seems to be the dream. Thanks for your happy thoughts, Nan!

  9. hello
    lol………I love your blog. miss you, love you – best of luck with the transition with Em back in school.

  10. Re: hello
    Yes, when I told Peter about the pedicure, he said, You have to blog about that. Well I knew he thought it was funny, and he said anyone, like you, who’ve struggled through one of my cards could relate.
    I’m glad you like my blog. Just maybe your grandfather did not need to see the bear pic! But he bravely delivered some strawberries to us today. I always thought Grandma didn’t get out cause it’s too hard, but maybe it’s the possibility of wildlife.
    Thanks re Em! Hope to see you while it’s swimming weather, which I love.

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