Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 11, 2008

Passing Years.. and Months

Twenty-five years ago my husband and I got married in our then-backyard in Dover, New Hampshire. Our daughter let us know that silver is the preferred present, and Peter did buy me a necklace, but the bigger surprise was he printed out and ring-bound all my blog entries to date. I have to say this looks impressive and nostalgic in its own right: thinking back 25 years is sweet but rigorous, while looking back to June 30th 2007 and my first blog entry is more manageable! I write my entries before posting and have kept those, but it’s cooler to have the whole thing with pictures, and familiar faces in the comments section. The very first comment is from jillsbooks followed swiftly by Jo jbknowles who lured me here. After that I can see some blog-friendships building, along with the entries themselves, with their occasional giddiness and longer struggling of writing and reading.

Peter said he wanted to make the title page in cuneiform with a clay background, in honor of my work in progress, but the attempts just looked weird. So it ended up as a plain cover “My Blog,” a keepsake not up there with our wedding album, but to be treasured. And we’re going out to eat with my best friend from high school and her husband who were at our wedding. Their then three year old, waving a light saber over the lopsided carrot cake, which I’d made, now teaches high school history. Another friend who was also at the wedding suggested for this 25th we should try to get more of the attendees together; fun, yes, but dinner for four is simpler.



  1. Your husband certainly got it right, all of your blog posts are worth keeping and savoring. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you both picked well back then and know how to celebrate.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Oh hooray!!!! Happy Anniversary times 2!
    I’m so glad you joined us here!!!

  4. June is the month for weddings!

  5. What a sweetheart of a hubby. And congratulations on 25 years! That’s quite an accomplishment.

  6. Congratulations to you both, Jeannine. Enjoy your celebration!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! Enjoy that dinner..and cake!

  9. Wow, what a wonderful gift. I feel like we should all copy this post to our husbands–No pressure, guys, but look at THIS standard!
    I tend to think of my blog as my writing journal, but I hadn’t thought of printing it out.
    Congrats on 25 years and almost 1 year!

  10. Thanks, Linda. ( I like your Frederick mouse, but hope you are still feeling in fighting mode, at least from time to time!)

  11. Thanks, Stacy! Lovely with the heat wave off, and breezes on.

  12. Thanks, Jo! I guess I’m not quite to my blog anniversary, but we’re not too particular on dates. Yes, I enjoy it here day to day, but it was nice to kind of overview almost a year of being here, too, and see the support and wisdom in a glimpse. xo

  13. Re: June is the month for weddings!
    Thanks, Yes, twenty five years ago I could send my friends out to pick wild iris, and we didn’t know they would all wilt by the end of the very swift ceremony. One of my friends was reminiscing about trying to spritz them back into good behavior. Now we leave them in the fields.

  14. Thanks, Susan. Yes, it’s nice to have a husband who honors my writing and my blogging! Although when he texts me from the next room.. that’s a bit much!

  15. Thanks, Jama. We have high hopes for another twenty-five.

  16. Thank you!

  17. Gosh, Nan, I almost forgot about cake. I’m happy that he agreed to go to a restaurant where you maybe shouldn’t wear shorts. Not that that will necessarily keep him from doing so. But more posh than the ice cream bar.

  18. Thanks, Becky. Yes, there’s actually a thing he found on LJ that will print it out. Peter’s always been sweet and handy that way. Okay, so I agreed he could make and put two triceratopses (his favorite dino) on our wedding cake. I knew he’d always come through for creative holidays!

  19. Happy Anniversary!
    That’s cute about the dinos on the cake! 😀
    I sent you a letter last week I think – I hope you got it. 😀

  20. Happy anniversary, Jeannine! And notebooking your blog…what a cool idea.

  21. Happy anniversary! And what a neat gift.

  22. Yes, Rachel, I loved getting your newsy letter! I’ve been bragging about it, and you, all over! Thanks

  23. Thanks, Jill. It was a nice day. And it was fun seeing your face as the first replier to my blog: If I waited until I had something profound to say, I’d never blog. Does that sound like you? It was. Very encouraging, sweet words, now in for posterity.

  24. Thanks, Laura. It certainly wasn’t a gift I could have predicted!

  25. heheh awwww ❤

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