Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 1, 2008

The Mac-n-Cheese Draft

I mentioned to Becky my goal of having “a good solid draft” of my prose/verse book done by summer’s end: nothing so fancy or clean that it’s ready to send out, but a draft that has a clear sense of direction and at least some of the right people talking to each other in the right places. She noted that my “good solid draft” sounded like comfort food. Okay, fine, we’re working on macaroni and cheese here this summer. I do like the idea of working like that, with the ingredients usually right in my kitchen, nothing fancy. I can do this, then stash it for a while come September and you really don’t have to worry about over-baking that kind of casserole, do you?

Right now I’m throwing all the ingredients on the counter and it’s not a pretty picture. But some of the piles are starting to be recognizable – oh, there’s the cheese! there’s an egg! I know which food group, I mean chapter, whole sections belong to. Slowly, this thing is going to happen.



  1. I like this metaphor! I’m knee deep in revision at the moment…in the process of trying to turn macaroni and cheese into filet mignon and lobster tail. I’ll let you know how it goes…

  2. I love where you’re taking this idea. Mac & cheese is definitely better than something like mashed potatoes–not just because I don’t like the latter, but because the m&c does have so many more ingredients. (Don’t forget JUST a hint of mustard.)
    Wish I could say I was working on the frosting to my cake, but I don’t think I’m QUITE there yet.

  3. Mmmn. Yes, a metaphor that makes you hungry. Though our vegetarian friends might prefer you to scramble yours into something else — Becky mentions frosting a cake, which seems apt. That can be fussy work, especially on a hot day, but when it’s done, oh how gorgeous. Good luck with that, Kate!

  4. I DID forget the mustard! Yay, going in today.
    And sounds like there’s still cake to be mixed. Enjoy licking the bowl.

  5. Love the metaphor. Leaves me wondering, though, about how I can make mac and cheese with my eyes closed. Sometimes I’m like that with writing–not really paying attention, just getting down bare bones–okay, but then being too satisfied with them–not okay. Perhaps the lesson is to pay careful attention to making mac and cheese, just as at Kripalu Yoga Center I had to pay careful attention to eating since we weren’t allowed to talk.

  6. Too satisfied, you? I don’t know about that, but the paying careful attention sounds good.

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