Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 1, 2008

Science on Saturday

This coming Saturday, May 3, I’m excited to participate in the Cambridge Science Festival, which bills itself as the first and only full-scale celebration of science and technology in the United States. The city of Cambridge, MA sponsors 200 free & open events designed to excite, engage and educate the public.

I’ll be at the Cambridge Public Library
where from 10 to 2, children’s writers and illustrators will include the amazing organizer and writer Melissa Stewart, who will speak on her inspiration for Where Rain Falls and other books on nature. Leslie Bulion will talk about writing poetry about stink bugs. Susan Goodman’s topics include poop and pee. Kay Kudlinkski will speak about dinosaur research and John Himmelman on research love or maybe addiction, something I’m pretty familiar with. I’m especially excited to meet Loree Burns who will be speaking with her Houghton Mifflin editor and Lita Judge both of whose work I admire so much. Loree’s Tracking Trash and Lita’s One Thousand Tracings have won many, many awards for adding to our scientific and social knowledge in ways readers really connect with.

At 1:2O I’ll be taking out some art supplies and talking about Mary Anning and the Sea Dragon and How High Can We Climb? The Story of Women Explorers. I’ll show the tiny picture of a woman in nineteeth century hoop skirt and bonnet, with a hammer in her hand, who sent my research-loving-heart a-beating. The book with the photo is owned by my husband, who once smuggled plastic dinosaurs into Sunday School, tucked into the cuff of his trousers. He hasn’t changed too much, though now the dinos are all over our bookshelves. For more information and for a schedule see: Please come if you can! I’ve got insect stickers!

Then at Porter Square Books Porter Square Shopping Center, 25 White St., from 3:00-4:00 pm Susan Goodman, John Himmelman, Lita Judge, and I will form a panel speaking on A Life in Books.

I can’t wait to drive along Route 2 and see the flowing river and forsythia and fruit trees in bloom. I hope to meet some deeply enthusiastic young paleontologists who can name more types of dinosaurs than I’ve ever heard of.




  1. Heyyy you’ll be right in my neck of the woods! I live like 10 minutes or so from Porter Sq. 😀

  2. What fun! After my brief foray into science (DNA!) for the police book, I’m in awe of writers who make science accessible for kids.
    Have you seen this: ?
    Nancy Etchemendy is a kids writer who got invited on two month-long expeditions to Antartica, by the scientists who want a kids’ book written out of the experience–can you believe it?! Anyway, she’s going to be blogging about it–two blogs for different ages, and you can find out more at her link. I can’t resist just reading for the heck of it! Sounded like something you might like, too.

  3. WOw! That sounds like a fantastic day. Enjoy!!!

  4. Cool. (not that I know what 😀 means…) I might try to drive through Concord on the way home and walk around Walden Pond. Let me know if you and Chris or anyone want to join me (if the weather is good) say around 5? You can email me at for my cell or to text if you want to play it by ear!

  5. well as my daughter points out, it’s not like I know science, but I know someting about people who know science!
    That’s great about Nancy Etchemendy. I must say, I love reading about Antartica but I’m glad there are other people who actually want to go there. It feels enough for me to drive across the state of Mass. in springtime! Armchair traveler, that’s me.

  6. Yes, I look forward to learning a bit more about the world!

  7. Yeah I definitely want to meet up!

  8. Cambridge Trip
    I am so jealous. I can’t come to Boston as Rachel called and told me and I am so sad. Anyway, I would like an insect sticker.

  9. Re: Cambridge Trip
    I miss you! Soon it will be summer and we can get together! And I’ll bring you some sticky butterflies.

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