Posted by: jeannineatkins | February 22, 2008

2008 Amelia Bloomer Project Recommended Titles

Thank you to the ALA and in particular the Feminist Task Force of the American Library Association for choosing ANNE HUTCHINSON’S WAY as one of the books honored as a 2008 Amelia Bloomer Project Recommended Title. I think much of what Anne Hutchinson said a few hundred years ago matters just as much today. I’m thrilled that my picture book about her was chosen as a book that “encourages and inspires girls to be smart, brave, and proud.”

I’m so glad for the ALA’s recognition that feminism matters and women’s struggle for equal rights is far from over. Yes, we’re forever grateful to Amelia Bloomer and others that we can live without having to wear dresses, hoops, and corsets. But I think we all know that in many circles, women have to work extra hard to get heard or be treated fairly. I appreciate the challenge the ALA’s Feminist Task Force puts out, along with the list, to publish more books featuring strong women and particularly those who come from non-western, non-white traditions. We know the stories are around.


  1. Congratulations, Jeannine. And thank you for linking to the Amelia Bloomer Project. I am always into hearing about work that “encourages and inspires girls to be smart, brave, and proud.”

  2. YAY YOU! (And YAY Anne Hutchinson!) Congratulations for this recognition!!!

  3. Big congrats, Jeannine! Yay for books empowering girls!

  4. HOORAY!!!!!!
    What wonderful news, Jeannine!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations!! This is terrific. I’m so happy to see your work honored this way. Lita Judge

  6. thank you!

  7. Thanks, Debbi. I think this deserves a whoopie pie, don’t you? Actually I’m the only chocolate eater in the house, which is dangerous, so it might be a turkey-rice soup celebration (snowing like mad outside)

  8. Thanks, Jama!

  9. Thanks, Jo. Good news on another snow day. Even the dogs are getting kind of grumpy (of course that beats howling at the eclipsing moon.)

  10. Thank you, Lita! And how cheering to see you on an elephant. I so need a photo like that!

  11. Jeannine,
    Congratulations! I just read Anne Hutchinson’s Way yesterday, and I really liked it. I loved the way you kept coming back to the fact that Anne wouldn’t stop speaking and wouldn’t close her door on people who came to listen. And I think teling the story through her daughter’s perspective showed us all the ways a woman can be a good, strong mother.

  12. Becky, thanks for reading the book and I’m happy you liked it. It is interesting to me that the idea of balancing work, passions, and mothering, which we think as contemporary, trace back to 1644 and before.

  13. And that the special husbands and families that supported all that existed back then, too. I liked the way you showed that part of Anne’s life.

  14. Woo Hooooo!!!!! This is the perfect award for you! You have highlighted such fantastic women over the years! I’m so happy to see Anne recognized!

  15. Thanks for the woo hoooo, Nancy! I hope to see you soon. Ellen is getting a rescued dog, Aussie shepherd mix, next week. I’m so excited! We can do dog walks! (that’s the news from the east)

  16. Congrats! What an excellent award. We need more books about smart, strong girls.

  17. Oh, I didn’t realize this–how fabulous! A big congratulations–you deserve it!
    Ellen W.

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