Posted by: jeannineatkins | December 29, 2007

Almost (not quite) Time to Take Down the Tree

The oranges in the wooden bowl are getting soft. The cookies are getting stale. This morning, a bag of corn chips was abandoned half-way and the bathroom wastebasket was full: on top a carton of blond hair dye, left by the three eighteen-year-olds who got into bed around three a.m. Someone will appear around lunch time a little blonder than last night. My guess is Z, the swimmer.

The holidays are coming to a close, at least for me. I got to wear my artsy but delicate necklace, feasting on rolls, and a few other things, with relatives. I’m slowly finding places for my stocking treasures – the can opener, the pack of children’s author cards, the bath salts, the Celtic sea salt and chai mix. This morning, goodbyes to the nephew and his wife who need to hassle lawyers about the house they hope to close on soon. While teenagers sleep, I’m revising a historical chapter book, trying to push up the adventure, trim down the beauty-for-its-own sake. At least give it an edge. The trick is to remember that anything can change, and to let it. Tomorrow I take my friend P. to an important medical test. To give the few hour drive a spin, we’re detouring for a night at an inn on the Long Island Sound, packing our swim suits for the indoor pool and plenty of books and old Oprah magazines cause there’s a room with a fireplace. It may be icy and yucky, but I know P. will get me by the water, and she’ll be tossing in rocks for luck and grace



  1. Sending my love to you and P.

  2. I just loved reading this post. So quiet yet full of activity. Thank you.

  3. Wonderful update! Wishing you and P a wonderful time with good results.
    Blessed new year!

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