Posted by: jeannineatkins | December 23, 2007

The tree is up. The girl is home (well, at least her stuff is. Lots of: “Bye, Mom”s, but she’ll be here all day December 25.) The dog has been out, and is now gross and disgusting from the rain, but I skied in the woods, where the guys in orange jackets aren’t supposed to hunt on Sundays, and when we turned past the pines we’d missed for six days, my dog leapt for joy. I’m going to take out Lisa’s lisa_schroeder sugar cookie dough, which, as she promised, is hard as a rock, and see if I can pound them into something that look like stars and not blobs. (don’t expect pictures!) Like many of you, I’ll be taking a break from LJ but am feeling so thankful for all the kind and wise words I’ve found here. May your days sparkle.



  1. And I am so grateful to have connected with you again, Jeannine. You had me at the First Kindle. {}
    I wish you and your family beautiful, peaceful days– now and always.
    You can blog if you have something to say. I’m here. {}
    -Pamela, feeling like a tiny dot in the LJ universe tonight {}

  2. Happy holidays to you and your daughter!

  3. Thank you, wonderful person, aka “tiny dot in the LJ universe.” Yes, it is good to have reconnected. I’m sad I’ll miss KW this year. Not right! But I do wish you and yours a peaceful new year, and thanks for all your good wishes and thinking of my book on the Hutchinson Parkway! Good writing wishes to you in 2008!

  4. Thanks, Janni! Hope you’re having fun, too. Best writing wishes for your new year! (no KW for me this year.. maybe next)

  5. happy holidays!!!!

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