Posted by: jeannineatkins | December 11, 2007

More Cheers for Nonfiction in the Cybil Awards

I love the idea of thankful Thursday, but since I’m particularly unorganized of late, I’m going to celebrate on Tuesday. And while my good friend is very ill, I move around with more worry than gratitude, though the latter is more useful and delicious. I’ll catch it when I can, and this moment it’s for having my book Anne Hutchinson’s Way nominated for a nonfiction picture book for the Children’s and Ya Bloggers’ Literary Awards: The Cybils 2007. You can go to their link and get dazzled by lists of many wonderful nonfiction books or other titles. You can read reviews and order books through their site to help with the small expenses of their talented and generous volunteers. You can even make me feel really grateful by ordering my book. Hey, it’s the holidays. With talk of fiction sometimes crowding out spaces in peoples’ hearts for nonfiction, it’s very cool the big spaces and long lists of history and science titles the Cybils offers.

Of course if you’re more in the mood for a YA novel, you can order Jo Knowles’ Lessons from a Dead Girl. (you can read my five star review on the site). Or act fast and you can try your chances of winning a copy — tomorrow. Leave it to share-the-love Jo to offer such a chance, and great-teacher-Jo to ask you to do some writing to up your chances of a win. Click on her link and review the Dec. 10 entry for the rules.(be warned, you’ll also want to read every other entry, as her blog is as sweet and smart as she is.)

Okay, thinking of such wonderful people I’m feeling gratitude after all, and will focus on the iced-over pines and winterberry, not the slick driveway I’m going to have to navigate sooner or later.


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