Posted by: jeannineatkins | December 9, 2007

Thank you, my quiet and lovely friends

What a great day I just had, while assurances that quiet is good softly thudded in as replies to my last entry, fast and determined as the fat chickadees at the bird feeder. It was yes, yes, yes, let’s hear it for quiet, and it felt so good. I really meant my question as a question, but with the outpouring of affirmation – go, quietness! – and my gratitude toward the repliers, I realized I did yearn for reassurance.

I must say I was a quiet child and when I became a writer, that quietness – with all its watchfulness and hesitations – came into my work. Sometimes I try to stretch, or raise my voice a bit, but as some people commented, we are who we are, our voices are our voices, and can’t we treasure that? We can certainly try out new voices, aim for different notes, volumes and rhythms, but something innate and hopefully pure is going to stick.

Today I’m lighting a few squat red and white candles and letting the small whispers of flames be music enough.



  1. *sigh* Even your blog entries are beautifully written! Enjoy!

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