Posted by: jeannineatkins | November 13, 2007

Hurray for friends and daughters

My good friend Pat’s recent health news wasn’t all we wished for, so I said, “Let’s go to Maine for the weekend.” We lost ourselves fairly successfully walking the Marginal Way, and ate a chilly breakfast one morning on Ogunquit beach. Pat’s the sort of person who when the weather is 40 degrees with a sea wind chill thinks it’s a great beach day, and it was. We met an older couple who thought they’d spotted a whale. Pat jumped up and down. The staid gray-bearded man said, “It’s moving kind of fast on the surface.”

His wife replied, “A whale is my story and I’m sticking to it.”

But the thing was kind of fast, kind of on the surface, and after a while we all had to concede it was a boat.

Pat had a great time meeting with some relatives, I ate scallops and lobster salad, we toasted ourselves with pomegranate martinis in the hotel and then went to bed early with our books. My daughter called and we had fun passing the phone back and forth. Em emailed a fantastic art history paper – who knew she knew so much about Louis XVI and the Empire? – and wrote that she knew Pat and I would be dying to critique it. But f course! Reading that paper was right up there with the pedicures done by Krystale, who was growing her long curly hair, which she said was a pain, out for Locks for Love.

And whenever we looked, the ocean was out there.



  1. Good for you, taking time for yourselves! It sounds as if you took advantage of some of the best Maine has to offer!

  2. This short story is so poignant and lovely.
    I’m sending your friend, Pat, cyber hugs and good-health wishes.

  3. Those weekends are so important! You had me right there with you with that lobster salad and pom martini! I so agree girlfriends and daughters are the best!

  4. Thank! It’s my favorite retreat state!

  5. Thanks, Mary Beth. We appreciate it!

  6. “And whenever we looked, the ocean was out there.”
    What a beautiful line.

  7. yes, we are very lucky with our friends and daughters

  8. I appreciate your sweetness!

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