Posted by: jeannineatkins | November 5, 2007

Hope at the P.O.

There’s nothing like putting something in a package and heading to the post office, where our Kevin is always cheerful and can be counted on to say, “Perfect” even before he’s counted the change I hand him. I’m not talking about packages sent to my daughter or a few of her pals at college – not scented pencils, solar-operated keychain flashlights, packets of EmergenC, Eiffel tower erasers or caramel apples (sorry about that one) or Chex Mix (yes!) I’m getting pretty deft with the clear tape there, but what is satisfying in my writing life is that moment of at last printing out some (crossed fingers) typo-free pages, bundling them into envelopes, and sending them away from my kitchen table. They’ve never landed with just the applause and wonder I’ve envisioned, but it’s still a great moment, circling back to the possibility I felt when the core of my idea first glimmered up. Nothing hulking over my head, behind doorways, under my computer, over the stairway, demanding — look at me! I’m free, except for the few little thoughts, a few notes, that keep coming….



  1. oh my fingers are crossed for you.
    You are so right, there is that moment of putting the manuscripts into envelopes and sending them on their way.
    May your story find the perfect home. Good luck!

  2. OH, I am now in love with Kevin.

  3. the manuscripts are on their first stop, to my writing group, but thanks for the good luck wishes — always needed!

  4. well worth crushing on. Everybody should have one person in their life who says, “Perfect.” Maybe I kinda wish it weren’t about my skills with dimes and quarters, but we don’t always get to choose…

  5. Well sometimes the writing groups, those first readers of ours, can be the toughest group to impress. 🙂 So all my good wishes still stand.

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