Posted by: jeannineatkins | October 31, 2007

Back to a Routine

Home from my great visit, I tried to entice my daughter into some instant messaging dialog, but all I got was: yeah, yeah, and yeahhh. Okay, I get it. Cherish the memories, but she’s back to her life and I have to get back to mine – kicking the pointy-toed shoes to a corner, putting on the clunky comfy ones: hunting up obituaries of Eve Curie who died last week at 102 (Eve was biographer of her mother, Marie, and the only one in her family not to win a Nobel prize, though she was a world-traveling journalist and highly regarded humanitarian); trying to wrap my head around correct apostrophe usage with Debbi d_michiko_f (check out the mind-splitting discussions in the October 29 entry at your own risk, though I’m for Debbi’s conclusion: hurray for copy editors); making Chex Mix to import to Louisiana, trying not to miss my girl tooo much (leaving her to snooze while I fetch lattes is sweet history now) and, oh yeah, getting back to my work-in-progress.

I teach writing and speaking skills to a class of mostly engineering students. A few days ago there was a bomb scare on campus in the building where I teach, but we were allowed in fifteen minutes before class was to begin. There were two students missing, which didn’t seem too bad. One earnest young man arrived late and told me he’d had to rush back to a science building which had been closed earlier that morning to tend to unfinished experiments or about twenty thousand dollars worth of work would have been lost, and a lot of worms would have died. What could I say? Now I’m going to think of my revision work – if interrupted, will thousands of dollars of time investment be shattered? No, but can I write with that urgency, as if the lives of worms depend on me?



  1. Eve Curie
    Thank you for sharing the news of Eve’s death … I had no idea. And I was reading a biography of her mother (by Kathleen Krull) just this week. Coincidences like that always shock me.
    Loree Burns

  2. Re: Eve Curie
    And thank YOU for alerting me to a new book by Kathleen Krull whose work I admire a lot. You may enjoy, some rainy (or snowy!) day, watching the old black and white movie Madame Curie with Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon based on Eve’s biography. A lot of it is silly, as such movies are, but they say it inspired many women of that generation into science. I ordered it through the MARS library system.

  3. Re: Eve Curie
    Ooh, I’ll look for that one. It is sure to get my husband’s eyes rolling!

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