Posted by: jeannineatkins | October 7, 2007

next week is bound to be better

So I got one of those coveted calls from my daughter, my darling one and only, off at college. Very excited about her first excursion to the local Target, maybe a bit less excited, though curious, about seeing “Across the Universe.” She chatted to me while riding the bus and said, “Mom, I’m reading your blog.”

“You must be bored.”

“Well. Write about me!”

“But I don’t see you.”

“Write about how much you miss me.”

Oh, I do, I do, I do!

The missing was a big part of the past week of coughing, a highlight being a stop in the Esselon Café in Florence, where a lovely young man hacked up a thumb-size chunk of ginger root, several garlic cloves, sprinkled in cayenne, stuck a lemon on the rim of a paper cup, and instructed me to fill it up with hot water when I got home. The maple pecan scone was more delicious, but this tea had to be healing, right?

Then I holed up rereading the Little House books, which I nabbed, in their blue cardboard case, from my daughter’s old bookshelves. I love the books as well as how they take me to the days when E and Geneva dressed up as Laura and Mary, that brief time before the Spice Girls invaded our house.

E, is that too much information?



  1. “…that brief time before the Spice Girls invaded our house.”
    Oh, Jeannine. This made me laugh, then brought tears to my eyes, because my daughter’s 19 and also away at college. I MISS her.

  2. It seems like I say a lot of “I love this post” in my comments to you. (I know I think it.)
    My daughter also wants to see “Across the Universe,” as do I. But she wants to go with her best friend, and they talk during the movie. So if I go with them, I need to sit far away from them. 🙂

  3. Jenny — thank you!
    And I know about the talking at the movie thing. My daughter’s thrilled when there is no one there, or only a few other chatty cynical teens who will bear with and maybe even enjoy some running commentary.

  4. Hello Jeannine! This is Alana.
    The Spice Girls will always hold a special place in our heart. The first thing we started talking about last time we had a visit was the fact that they are getting back together.
    Some things never change. 😛

  5. oh, absolutely. some things never change. fun memories of Spice Girls. Your wonder and gorgeousness. Thanks for reading and writing!!

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