Posted by: jeannineatkins | August 29, 2007

summer’s end

I’ve been not so constructive the past few days, thinking about the child out of my house — exactly where she’s supposed to be at eighteen, but it still feels unsettling. I’m sluggish at the computer. Waiting for her name to appear somewhere, or a call, instead of focusing on my work. Then she does call, and wants me to send her a few books she left behind, and I feel unduly elated by the task. She’s alive! She’s going to read, she’s going to classes!

When a friend calls and suggests we play hooky with a swim, I have to confess I’m not playing hooky from much. Puffer’s Pond is fantastic. We swim across, see what M. swears is a blue heron, and it’s big enough, but chubby. Kids are getting in last swims before school starts tomorrow.

Going home we stop at one farm stand for corn and blueberries, but M’s husband thinks the peaches in the western part of town are juicier. There is a stand with a sign “Tasty Peaches” and the late afternoon light slanting on them and the tablecloth-covered card table. A chicken wobbles to the edge of her pen, and its feathers are peach colored, too. Across the way goldenrod, cone flowers, pink phlox and day lilies tangle. Can I call seeing this a day’s work? Not really, but tomorrow I’ll be at UMass preparing to teach, and hopefully my brain will be back.



  1. Yum peaches! I must go pick some up too. Enjoy the weekend – don’t fret too much about the work. 🙂

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