Posted by: jeannineatkins | August 21, 2007

What I’m Reading: Under the Watsons’ Porch by Susan Shreve

In my quest to read more bad boys and girls, this was a summer favorite for middle readers. Ellie matter of factly lets us know in the second sentence she’s a liar. She is pretty okay with not having many friends, but she is not invited to a popular girl’s birthday party, and it’s her birthday, too, so even her best friend is at the other party. A new neighbor, a thirteen-year-old boy, invites himself inside Ellie’s house, opens the fridge, and asks if he can have some of her parents’ wine. Oh, yeah, the girl says, as if this happens all the time. That night he leaves a diamond necklace –real? — wrapped haphazardly in pink tissue on the porch. She is in love as well as trouble.

A great book that zips along with lots of dialog, and in spite of that wine thing, pretty G-rated (no one actually gets trashed) – you could almost see Beverly Cleary’s wonderful Ramona turning thirteen as the main character.


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