Posted by: jeannineatkins | August 20, 2007

Why Write?

Sometimes that question comes up — do I have to keep writing books?

I have friends who are great writers who have stopped writing. One is enjoying learning Old Norse. One visits art museums at least once a month and keeps a spectacular garden. One is taking a break, but keeping touch with the life by reading manuscripts of friends. There are things to do besides stare at blank paper.

I keep writing, despite sometimes sorry news from editors, because it gives me my best chance at finding beauty which, of course, is there in old languages, paintings, flowerbeds, and other peoples’ work. All those things take some trouble, too. Beauty never comes easily, and some of attempts get laughed at, some leave others bored instead of dazzled. I can scream or cry or pout, then get up and try again.



  1. i write because i can’t stop–lj helps me when i can’t work on novels. also if i can’t write i get grumpy. also it’s what i want to do for a living (grand aspirations, i know) so don’t give up if you love it!! =)

  2. I think we must all feel this way occasionally…especially after one of those editorial “sorrys.” It helps me just to know that others have dry spells too, yet pull themselves up and keep on because it’s what they truly love to do.

  3. Yes, I get grumpy, too — or grumpier, I suppose, sometimes. Thanks for the pep talk and HUGE congratulations on your book deal. That is so so exciting. Enjoy every second!

  4. Yes, I do contemplate those I know who’ve stopped, and while I envy a bit — ah, to step back from some of those low-self-esteem moments — I really can’t fathom. The head banging and occaisonal I’d-rather-have-root-canal is really just part of the process. But thank you for your compassion — and I loved seeing your forthcoming cover, can’t wait (as I’m sure you can’t) to see more inside. The art looks fantastic. The waiting for picture books is so long, but so fun when you see it at last happen.

  5. thanks so much–it’s in the publisher’s marketplace today!! it’s very surreal really. =)

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