Posted by: jeannineatkins | August 6, 2007

The red-haired boy hunkers over his spinning hands. He says, “I hold a ball of fire that will destroy the earth.”

“Henry, that’s not acceptable.”

I don’t need to add tags for you to guess who’s the kid and who’s the camp counselor here.

I’m not all against the “not acceptable” thing. It came in handy today when my daughter’s eyes went weird on her and the receptionist at the optician’s said she could fit her in in three weeks. But the conversation reminded me that kids are the story-tellers (even when derivitive, as I except this ball of fire thing is) and a kid’s voice is more compelling than a teacher’s.

Okay, I’m spelling out the lesson right there. Wrong, wrong,wrong.

I’ll try to stay close to the kids.


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