Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 23, 2007

Verse Vacation

Light fell into the bedroom from two sides this morning, wrapping around me, flickering off a huge old birch, while an unfamiliar bird chirped. It is so wonderful to spend time with my husband and daughter before she goes off to college. I’m glad she got a summer job she likes, but I haven’t loved waking her up: morning is not her best time. In two days my friend Pat will get a break in her chemo treatments, and she’ll join us – her husband just briefly, but she’ll stay, along with a few relatives who will come and go. Most of them I see on holidays, which get jammed, so it’s nice to have days when the questions are: which beach should be go to? Which dvd should we watch?

I brought a few projects with me, but this quiet morning realized this place by the water wants poetry. I’m practicing stillness, trying to match the sloggy pace of the sun. I’m making slow searches for fast words. My husband and daughter are late nighters and late sleepers. Pat, who I met twenty years ago when we taught in the same high school, is, like me, an early riser, but I know she’ll be content to watch the sun follow its course, hear water lap, pages turn, and she’s always generous about giving me my morning time (she’ll even whisper, J, do you want tea? sorry, sorry to interrupt– and I assure her it is okay for me to speak!)

Now, trying to match a sailboat’s pace, not a motorboat, not even a kayak.



  1. Enjoy those beautiful early mornings. I’m an early riser too, and what you describe sounds like heaven to me. 🙂

  2. Sounds lovely, Jeannine. Please give Pat a big hug for me!!

  3. Thanks! I am enjoying. And trying not to dwell on the lost bicycle key and daughter’s pre-college woes etc. Waves, waves, think waves…..

  4. It IS lovely. Really, a week with Pat is a gift and I’ll certainly give her a big hug from you!

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